Tuck Sauce’s Summer: Quest for 162

Hey everyone. As basketball, hockey and soccer gradually come to an end, I need something to enterain me through the monotoneus baseball season. You may not know but HB Hofbräuhaus Original is my favorite beer. However, I am willing to go on the pursuit of all pursuits to replace it. I am looking for 162 of your favorite beers on this thread to 1. find a new beer and 2. to show how ridiculous baseball is! I look forward to a ton of trips to Total WIne this year to get this done! Cheers!

  1. Blue Mountain Brewery Full Nelson 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • Blue Mountain Brewery #fullnelson #virginiapaleale first of all love a Virginia beer! However, it maybe the chili but the back end of this is way hoppy. Upfront this is a great beer. You know as a lager man its not my go to cause of the back end. 4 out of 6 beers for this one but another beer from this brewery will definately make it on the 162. But Hoffbrau is still 1-0.
  2. Sweet Water Brewery Sesh 2 out of 6 Beers:
    • … idk what this is Sweet Water brewery. I’m usually a huge fan of your beer but it tastes like you took an IPA and just added water at the end. I get that’s it’s a session but it doesn’t taste like you committed to any flavor. 2 out of 6 beers. Hofbrau Beer is 2-0 #illstillfinishit #tucksaucessummer
  3. Red Hook Brewery Long Hammer IPA 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • Damn Red Hook Brewery. Looking good shorty! Umm that’s not what I’d thought you’d taste like… citrusy? You been perfuming up haven’t you? 4 out of 6 beers for the Long Hammer IPA 3-0 to Hofbrau Beer#tucksaucessummer
  4. Old Ox Brewery Golden Ox 3 out of 6 Beers:
  5. Mustang Sally Article one 3 out of 6 Beers:
    • Ok Mustang Sally Brewing Company. Credit for being Virginia. Credit for the America reference. But mediocre… 3 out of 6 beers Hofbrau Beer 5-0
  6. Leinenkugel Cannoe Paddler 5 out of 6 Beers:
  7. Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ 5 out of 6 Beers:
    • Lagunitas Brewing Co well done! Nice spring citrus taste at the front but some hops at the back end. Very smooth for something that’s 64 IBUs! 5 out of 6 beers. Only one problem though . Can already feel after 3 sips it’s not something I can drink alot of. Hofbrau Beer on a Washington Nationals like streak and goes 7-0
  8. Great Lakes Brewing Eliot Ness 4 out of 6 Beers:
  9.  Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Pils 6 out of 6 Beers:
    • We have our first playoff contender! I’m not ready to give Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Pils a win here but definately worth a second try come fall! It’s so easy to screw up a pilsner. But this had a bunch of flavor but still had a crispness a pilsner should have! Hofbrau Beer 8-0-1 #tucksaucessummer 6 out of 6 beers
  10.  Privatbrauerei Gaffel Becker & Co Kolsh 4 out of 6 Beers:
  11. Port City Brewing Company Helles Lager 4 out of 6 Beers:
  12. Corona Corona Light 3 out of 6 Beers:
    • It was laying around and I needed a beer.  The non-light versions disgusting cousin.
  13. Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager 5 out of 6 Beers:
    • I guess we really can’t call Devil’s Backbone Brewery a craft beer anymore since they sold their soul. For good reason though. It’s about the best lager I’ve ever had but nothing adventurous. 5 out of 6 beers for the Vienna lager. Hofbrau Beer 12-0-1. #tucksaucessummer
  14.  Samuel Adams Hopscape 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • Been waiting to try this beer from Samuel Adams for a while because I love their seasonal stuff. Little disappointed in this one though. It’s good but I think I built it up in my head too much. Oh yeah technical stuff. Crisp, light and hoppy 4 out of 6 beers #tucksaucessummer Hofbrau Beer is 13-0-1
  15. DC Brau The Public 5 out of 6 Beers:
    • Ok I know there are two beers in this photo but today is all about the delicious DC Brau Brewing the public pale. A great mild beer with the right balance of hops. Hofbrau Beer is 14-0-1 but this is definitely 5 of out of 6 beers. #tucksaucessummer
  16.  Firestone Walker Brewing Co. California Pale Ale 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • After the first trip to Total Wine & More I picked up this beauty from Firestone Walker Brewing Co.. The California pale ale has a great crisp taste up front. Perfect after the round of golf today. Not very hoppy which I enjoy means I can drink 6 of them in a day. Hofbrau Beer is still 15-0-1 but I’m definitely interested in trying more of their beer. 4 out of 6 beers. #tucksaucessummer
  17. Pilsner Urquell Pilsner 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • So two things. 1. Europe start making beer in 12 freedom units. 2. The Pilsner Urquell is a beer that tastes better in it’s homeland. Not really anything special besides the crispness. 4 out of 6 beers only because I had it in Prague and it’s hitting the nostalgia button. 16-0-1 #tucksaucessummer
  18. New Belgium Glutiny 5 out of 6 Beers:
  19. Anchor Steam Ale out of 6 Beers:
    • Anchor Steam fans don’t look now. I’m finding myself sitting here going da fuq is that after taste. As I click my touch and try to cleanse my pallet all I can think is you can’t justify an above average beer with this at the back. Yea it’s sour and I get beer is bitter but it’s like a film on the back of my throat. 3 out of 6 beers. Hofbrau Beer is 18-0-1 #tucksaucessummer
  20. Starr Hill Brewery Northern Lights 5 out of 6 Beers:
    • Starr Hill Brewery Northern Lights IPA and some bbq. What a winning combination! Nice smooth mild IPA easy but delicious drinking. 19-0-1 to Hofbrau Beer but this one gets 5 out of 6 beers.
  21. Rogue Brewing Company 4 Hops IPA 3 out of 6 Beers:
  22. Old Ox Brewery Alpha Ox 5 out of 6 Beers:
  23.  Lagunitas Maximus IPA 6 out of 6 Beers:
    • Lagunitas Brewing Co has put up a playoff challenge here. What a smooth beer for 8 percent alcohol. Light on the carbonation and at 72 ibus not bitter at all. Wow great IPA! 21-0-2 6 out of 6 beers for this one. #tucksaucessummer
  24. Kona Brewing Company Hanalei 3 out of 6 Beers:
  25.  Evolution Craft Brewing Company Lot 3 5 out of 6 Beers:
  26. Great Lakes Brewery Company Chillwave 3 out of 6 Beers:
    • Great Lakes Brewing Company chillwave is interesting. I’m kind of guessing it’s a double ipa I don’t really have a beer list in front of me. It has an odd after taste that I’m not a fan of. 3 out of 6 beers. Hofbrau Beer moves to 24-2.. Yes I dropped the middle number. I’m just going have a playoff at the end. #tucksaucessummer
  27.  Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Pale Ale 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • Deschutes Brewery are you sure this is a pale ale? I don’t taste any hops at all…. I award no points and may God have mercy on your soul. Well 4 points… out of 6… cause this is how this works. Hofbrau Beer is 25-2. #tucksaucessummer
  28.  Ballast Point Brewing Company Manta Ray 5 out of 6 Beers:
  29. Rogue Brewing Company American Amber Ale 5 out of 6 Beers:
  30. Jam Session IPA 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • My 30th beer comes from Jam Session Brewing Co. And it’s a pale ale. I had to take this pic quick cause I was at a wedding. Plus I look great in a suit. Hoppy but despite being an open bar I didn’t go back to get another one of these. 4 out of 6 beers. 28-2. #tucksaucessummer. 132 more to go. Let’s go.
  31. Shotgun Betty Heff 2 out of 6 Beers:
    • Umm Shotgun Betty… What is this. Your heff made me want to drown out the flavor with as many budlights as I could down in the next ten minutes to drown out your after taste. 2 out of 6 beers. #tucksaucessummer 29-2
  32.  Uinta Brewing Hop Nosh IPA 5 out of 6 Beers:
    • Uinta Brewing… this is really good. Like great balance of hops and flavor. 5 out of 6 beers for sure. If it wasn’t for a bit of too much sour on the back end it’d be a 6 for sure. #tucksaucessummer 30-2.
  33. Get Bent Brewery Mountain IPA 6 out of 6 Beers:
    • So I can’t find Get Bent Breweries page. But the Mountain IPA is a playoff contender so if any of my beer drinking friends can give them a shout out! 6 out of 6 beers 30-3!
  34. Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPA 6 out of 6 Beers:
    • Sierra Nevada Brewery really wasn’t expecting much from the tropical torpedo IPA with the word tropical in the title. However, this is fantastic. Light crisp hops phenomenal body and a great after taste. I’m going give it another shot. 30-4. Contender. #tucksaucessummer 6 out of 6 beers
  35. Well’s Brewery Oatsmobile 4 out of 6 Beers:
  36. Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Ale 5 out of 6 Beers:
  37. South Street Brewery Satan’s Pony 4 out of 6 Beers:
  38. Flying Dog Brewery Blood Orange IPA 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • Flying Dog Brewery I was expecting a lot more from the blood orange ale. Pretty mild flavors and a good drink but I didn’t really get the blood orange. 4 out of 6 beers. #tucksaucessummer 34-4
  39. Flying Dog Brewery Numero Uno 5 out of 6 Beers:
    • What a great beer for memorial day Flying Dog Brewery makes. The numero uno is like a lime beer but it doesn’t haven’t the sugary kick on the back end. 5 out of 6 beers for this one. 35-4. #tucksaucessummer
  40. Pirate Brewing Company Kolsh 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • Greetings from Nassau. Hambino and I don’t have internet on the boat so we’ve just been… ummm.. drinking…. Any way trying this kolsh at a local brewery here in the Bahamas and it’s good. That’s all I got. I don’t have the patience to review this but it’s not hofbrau 36-4. 4 out of 6 beers#tucksaucessummer
  41. Pirate Brewing Company IPA 4 out of 6 Beers:
  42. The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Double IPA 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • So tried out a new brewery this weekend. And let me tell you what a great spot. Some growing pains with the beer but there’s a few good ones at the The Farm Brewery at Broad Run. This double ipa for instance is a very hoppy delicious pint. 4 out of 6 beers. 38-4 #tucksaucessummer
  43. The Farm Brewery at Broad Run Pale Ale 4 out of 6 Beers:
  44. O’connor Brewing Company Tides De Mars 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • Terrible picture I know. But not a bad beer from O’Connor Brewing Co.. not usually a fan of the wheat taste but this is pretty good. I’ll give the tides de mars a 4 out of 6 beers. 40-4. #tucksaucessummer
  45. Kona Brewing Company Big Wave 5 out of 6 Beers:
    • Love anything from Kona Brewing Company. Big wave is a delicious summer beer and I’m stoked to be drinking it while watching deadpool and having the a.c. cranked up. 5 out of 6 beers. 41-4. #tucksaucessummer
  46. Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale 2 out of 6 Beers:
    • I trusted my buddy kmart on this one and what a terrible decision it ended up being. If you like drinking carbonated salt water I guess you can tolerate this. C’mon Dogfish Head you make some of the best beers in the world and you can this swill. 2 out of 6 beers. 42-4. #tucksaucessummer
  47. Power’s Farm & Brewery Sooner Pale Ale 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • You find beer in the best places. Down a gravel road and in a small bar with the tanks right behind the bar I found them if sooner pale ale. 4 out of 6 beers on this one. 43-4 #tucksaucessummer
  48. Troegs Brewing Company Perpetual IPA 5 out of 6 Beers:
    • Troegs Brewing Co. Comes through on the list with this tasty long neck. A very flavorful but easy to drink IPA. Definitely had more than one of these…. 5 out of 6 beers. 44-4. #tucksaucessummer
  49. Great Lakes Brewing Commodore Perry 4 out of 6 Beers:
  50. Zima Zima 2 out of 6 Beers:
    • Guys… Zima is back And it’s number 50. And it still tastes like someone pissed in a fresca… 2 out of 6 beers. 46-4. #tucksaucessummer
  51. Abita Brewing Andygator 4 out of 6 Beers:
    • Definitely taste all of the IBUs in Abita Brewing Company Andygator. Idk it was ok but to me just another example of a brewery competing on the most hops front instead of the most delicious beer. 47-4. 4 out of 6 beers. #tucksaucessummer
  52. Warthog Brewing Company Game Day 4 out of 6 Beers: