We Have a Name!


The boys discuss the National Championship game which for some reason Hambino got to go to.  They then dive into the “unpredictable” NFL.  Finally, Hambino has some words for Roman.

Luis Suarez and Texas

Luis Suarez

Hambino discusses his obsession with returned to form striker Luis Suarez.  Does he convince Tuck Sauce?  The crew also discusses the Merry-go-round in the NCAA coaching circuit.

A Poisoned Nut and the Little Uruguayan that Could  

urban meyer

The team dives into the Jameis Winston extravaganza for the final time!  Hambino and Tuck Sauce argue about the BCS.  Finally the gang talks about the tragic genius that is Luis Suarez!

The Curse of the Hambino

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State

Hambino and Tuck Sauce dive right into the nightmare developing around FSU’s QB Jameis Winston.  After a long discussion the team moves onto some terrible officiating in the NFL.  Finally we recap the World Cup qualifiers and preview Brazil.

Jameis, World Cup and Hambino’s Love Life


Tuck Sauce and Hambino dive into the world of media that surrounds college athletes.  We discover Ian’s obsession with being mediocre.  Tuck Sauce defends Alex Smith, exposing his own love of mediocrity.  Finally Hambino transforms into Hambrodamaus with some interesting picks.

Trees, Argentines and Bullies

michael jackson

Tuck Sauce and Hambino dive into the now duckless BCS waters.  The two greats then put their minds towards England, The Premier League, and Europe.  Finally the discussion moves onto the problems that plague terrible franchises.


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