Why You Are Wrong About LaVar Ball

I assume everyone will hate me after this but I don’t give a flying F-ety F.  So here we go….

Let me start by saying I may not totally agree with everything that LaVar rattles out of his mouth however I am here to do what no one else seems to do and that is defend this guy.  Now many of you may not know but there are three pretty, ehhhhh actually 2, talented kids named Lonzo, some middle kid who sucks, and then Lamello Ball who dropped 92 points on kids in a high school game.  They are of course overshadowed by the man in all the headlines by, their father, LaVar Ball.  I am actually pretty sick of the exposure he is getting already but it made me think this guy is a f-ing genius.  Take your hater-blockers off and look at it from the other side…..

I think LaVar is not as dumb/bad as people think.  He is taking a unknown route to build his brand BBB, Big Baller Brand, by not just signing off to Nike, Adidas, whoever the else makes basketball shoes.  Can we just stop for a second and think of how genius that marketing ploy is?  If you wear my stuff you are a Big Baller.  If you don’t you are a nobody.  That is elitist as it get in terms of ego and let’s be honest people eat that s^%& up.  Love that by the way.  While I do think that is dumb to initially turn down the guaranteed money and then just parlay Lonzo’s success into BBB, I got to give him credit on this point because the man knows how to market BBB.  Surely you have let it cross your mind that he says stupid things like “I would be Jordan in his prime” to create the headline.  He makes that kind of comment and it’s all over Facebook, Twitter, TV, morning shows, and radio outlets everywhere and guess what is all over the news?  LaVar wearing/talking about his kids brand.  FREE ADVERTISING.  I would love to see how much Nike or Adidas would have to pay to get that kind of free airtime.  That is a major companies wet dream.  This guy gets it all for free.  And people eat it up.  He is the talk around every water cooler at work.  Oh and did I mention he even found a way to shut the loudest guy on TV, Stephen A Smith, up?  Yep….

People always think of the pressure LaVar is putting on his kids but have you thought about it from the other side.  Think of how much pressure he is taking off?  For example the middle kid who sucks he is getting a full ride to UCLA….UCLA!  One of the most prestigious college basketball universities in the country.   If he didn’t negotiate that 3 for 1 (you get all kids or no kids) deal with UCLA do you think that kid would be getting that full ride?  Hell no.  Instead, he would be grinding to get into some lower D1 or D2 school getting pennies on the dollar compared to what that scholarship is worth.  I remember when I was in school I was grinding to get into FSU (insert some Gator joke about FSU being a shit school go ahead).  Anyways, that was a lot of stress.  These last two kids don’t have anything to worry about!  Let’s play the hypothetical and if Lonzo did only want to play for the Lakers or did want his own shoe brand he hasn’t had to be the one to come say it and look like that cocky 18-19 year old kid talking game he hasn’t earned.  LaVar does that for them!  He plays the villain.  I actually hear how many times that people go “Man I feel bad for these kids that they have such a shitty dad”.  Even people feel for the kids!  LaVar takes all of the criticism and deflects it off of his kids.  Is that not the definition of a good dad?  In the coaching world you are lauded for that, but this man is crucified?  Hypocritical.

Image result for lavar Ball

LaVar didn’t put his kids in AAU ball because he didn’t want them to play with kids who were already studs.  He wanted them to play with kids who had lesser ability so he could get his boys to raise the abilities of the other kids he was playing with.  Don’t bring up the younger brother dropping 92 because that was a high school game.  Not AAU.  Instead LaVar had his kids playing against older kids at a young age.  11 years old Lonzo was playing against 15 and 16 year old players.  I don’t care how talented you are go pick out a 16 year old high school kid and pick out some dweeb 11 year old and there is a HUGE difference in height, weight, maturity, skill.  He could have been playing against some of the same aged kids beating up on some bum AAU teams in the summer but instead he was getting his A$$ handed to by older kids.  You grow up quick like that.

Finally, LaVar Ball has managed to raise three, from what we can tell so far, pretty well rounded kids.  Take LaVar out of this, I have never heard Lonzo say anything from HIS mouth that seemed outlandish or crazy.  He is a pretty well-mannered kid and soft spoken which is crazy given the fact that he is 19 and has been a superstar since birth. We don’t hear him saying his teammates sucked at UCLA.   I don’t hear him coming out and saying he wants to ONLY go to the Lakers.  Sure does he WANT to go to the Lakers?  Absolutely, he is a hometown kid.  What kid wouldn’t want to go to their childhood team?  If I was a high school football stud I wouldn’t even need a visit to another school because it would be FSU by a mile.  Bucs for NFL, Magic for NBA, Swansea for soccer.  No brainer.

Image result for fsu kid flicking off

Look there is 98% more people hating on LaVar but I tend to think it’s a bit of wizardry.  I commend him for being so different in a world of sheep.  I don’t know how this story will end but god I can’t wait.



Keystone Key’s To Victory – DFS NASCAR


SBDS is picking up a ton of celebs since we relaunched and he’s here to slay the DFS NASCAR game.  Now if some of you missed it because you were clowning around at work or making your wife a sandwich because she’s got your balls then you aren’t making money on our DFS PGA article by Tony.  Safe to say he’s already cashing.  Matter of fact, I think I will go take my future winnings to the casino tonight and lay it on double zero and retire.  EASY MONEY.  However I like to #RiseAndGrind so I’m not going to just stop with my millions in DFS Golf.  I am going to take down NASCAR and we wan’t you to join.

Little backstory on our main man Matt Will:

  • He grew up outside of  Beckham Town, Florida.  If that doesn’t stick out as an automatic winner on the resume for “NASCAR Expert” I don’t know what will.
  • This guy has so much useless/fascinating information Jeopardy hired him to create the questions.
  • Try and find the last guy who called him a ginger…little hint, you wont find him because he is #SixFeetDeep
  • He once downed an 18 pack of Keystone before Danica Patrick finished a lap at Daytona.
  • He owns more guns than Russia.
  • ‘Merica
  • You want to know why you don’t hear about Sterling Marlin anymore?  You guessed it…#SixFeetDeep….#RIP#3 #YOUMYBOYDALE

So without further adieu, we bring you your second, or third paycheck if you did our PGA DFS, paycheck of the week.


Mock Draft – Six Beers Deep Edition

Look we are all guilty of clicking on the links that McShay or Kiper make to see where they see our beloved teams taking some player that they ultimately won’t take.  Let’s be honest outside of the top 5 picks they normally butcher this.  I wonder who is more accurate, a weather man in Florida in the summer or these jabronies.

Our pal Jason came up with an idea in our Dynasty Fantasy League that we should make the draft a game.  I mean what’s better than throwing $20 on your mock draft hoping its right so you can hold it over your buddies heads for years to come?  So I figured we would share our knowledge to you the followers to get a real insight on what is actually going down tonight.  Let me breakdown the game:

  • Correct team picking on the clock at that spot – 10 points (Cleveland picking at 1.01)
  • Offensive player picked or defensive – 10 points
  • Position of the player – 15 points
  • Exact player picked – 25 points

***Side note don’t do these picks six beers deep or you end up without the potential #1 pick in the draft in your mock.  I am referring to the fact I forgot Mitchell Trubisky in the mock.  Oh well.  Got to give the others a chance.


So without further ado here are the mocks:

Ian Hambino Shefter 


Jason Jaworski 


Mike Werder (Formally of ESPN)


Richmond Collinsworth


Charles Dilfer (Formally of ESPN)


I’ll Have….Another One

America and tailgating go hand in hand.  One is not truly an American unless he/she can successfully set up a tailgate.  *** Side note *** If “she” is planning the tailgate you need to go buy a ring and propose on the spot.  Those are like unicorns.  You hear about them but you have never actually seen one in the wild.  Back to reality,  so the question is when you’re setting up your tailgate for the big game what do you go with?  How do you know what beers to bring to please the people?  Are you normal for wanting PBR’s?  Well thanks to Vine Pair we have some numbers.  But we didn’t want some numbers and to just move on.  We like to analyze what we have been given and make sense of this glorious piece of information.

So as you can see the 20 most popular beers include some of the big boys, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller light, etc….But even a blind man could have told you in some way or another that those would be at the top. If you want to play the percentages then you have to go with Bud Light, Coors Light and Miller Light at your tailgate.  Let’s be honest, if we have to tell you that then you really shouldn’t be hosting a tailgate. However, after we get past the commercial kings that is where things really get fun.

Much to Trump’s dismay, and your wallet, Mexican import Corona comes in at #5.  Much like Trump’s policies Corona, from my experience, can split a room.  People hate it or love it.  If it is alcohol and you can put a lime in it to make it bearable I am all for it.  We all know a couple of those leads to a tequila shot, which leads to a night out, which leads to epic stories.  So if that’s what I get with a Corona sign me up.  Probably not the best tailgating beer but on a boat or in a bar can’t go wrong there.

The most fascinating part of this is how much the college kids boost the rankings of Natty Light, Busch Light and Keystone Light.  If you went to college and didn’t have a good ole Natty you are either going to Harvard, Yale, Cornell, where you are already so loaded that you don’t drink cheap beer or you are “one of those guys”.   Natty was the life line for me in college.  Hit the sketchiest gas station you could and throw the guy a $5 and your fake ID.  Once you built a rapport with the guy you were in there like swimwear.  But heaven forbid that man took a day off!  Saturday night when the crew was counting on you and you walk in and saw your boy wasn’t behind the counter it turned into a scene from Superbad and I was McLovin…

You could always spot the underage kid buying the beer with the fake ID when he was looking for Natty and Keystone.  But after a certain point surely you move on right?  It’s either fewer people move on than I thought or freshman in college are going HAM in the frat houses because they are killing it in sales and these beers are shit.  Regardless, if you’re at a college tailgate you better be ready to go back in time and Nata-pult some beers.  If you’re trying to die on a serious budget go for the Natural Ice.  Good luck waking up the next day after pounding those.

Apparently if you’re going to tailgate with some beer snobs but you’re on a budget according to BA score, whatever the F&%$ that is, then Miller Life and PBR are for you!  I guess this BA thing must be something relevant and some how Miller and PBR came in with scores of 63 and 68 respectively and the average cost is $15 a case!  What a deal!  Compare that with Natty at 43! With an alcohol percentage of 4.6 for Miller and 4.75 for PBR you can smash, please the snobs, and keep money in your wallet!  Who would have known!?

Don’t tailgate with Yuengling or Heineken.  You will end up with way too many to take home. NEXT…..

The last thing that stuck out to me when I was looking at this chart was this Bud Light Lime Straw-ber-rita thing.  Let make one thing clear, we all address the elephant in the room at some point after we get what we want and that is what do the ladies want?  We always look for the girliest drinks.  You can’t go wrong with Bud Light Lime but I didn’t even know this was a thing until this report from VinePair but I would have bought this for sure.  Here’s the only problem with this mystery beer?  Wait is this really a beer?   Anyways the problem is it is a whopping 8% ABV!   If you buy this for your girl and her friends and they are downing them in between selfies and bathroom breaks you are going to be carrying her home instead of the game.  Girls don’t normally drink more than guys as it is, unless your name is Tucker, so if you give them 4 of these puppies you’re screwed!  Good news is for us is this costs a boat load of money so you shouldn’t have too many of them in your ice chest of beers.

So what did we learn today?  Apparently America gives zero f&%$’s about this BA Score thing. You can’t go wrong with the ole reliable Bud Light, Coors, and Miller Light at your tailgate.  If you want to go international you go Corona.  Budget you stick with Natty, Keystone or High Life.  Want to die you go with Natural Ice or Bud Light Platinum.  If you want to be bringing your girl, or Tucker, home on a stretcher pick them up a case of these Straw-ber-itas.


We’re close to Saturday.  Stay thirsty.  #SAFTB

Sweet 16 Never Tasted So Good

After tonight we will know exactly who has made the Sweet 16, bringing an end the best 4-day stretch of sports America has to offer.  There really is no better stretch.  You wake up and fill out your bracket, which has absolutely zero chance to be relevant come Sunday. Just grab some popcorn and watch sports all day long.  Thursday and Friday should just be national holidays because no one gets any work done.  You spend all Thursday morning trying to figure out how you can set up your computer to make it look like you’re working when your boss walks by but still managing to watch 98% of the action.  What’s the point of work at that point?  The blizzard in the northeast F*&^ed up by coming two days too early.  Way to go God.  Unfortunately, two things happen before Sunday rolls around to eventually dim my interest; Florida State being out of the tournament, assuming we were even in it and my bracket being beaten by a girl picking games off colors of a mascot.  It’s actually sad how little of this tournament I watch AFTER the field gets narrowed to 16.  By then all the cute, special, fairytale teams from the first round have been railroaded by some basketball powerhouse.  Sure you will have the 7/8 seeds that are still alive but they are normally bluebloods i.e. Michigan and Wisconsin, but that’s not special.  I am talking George Mason type stuff.  That is what gets the people going.  With all of that being said, here is the real reason I am writing to you at 7:00 PM on a Sunday, A.  I am hungry.  B. I have to fill out a bracket of something that is fact of life and can’t be wrong.  100% correct across the board.  We’re going to do a sweet 16 on fast food chains, something I actually know based on the top rated fast food joints in the USA by Business Insider.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 7.58.01 PM

The Sweet 16 pits some of the big dogs against each other.  Notable absence in this was having to leave Cookout out of this.  Those fancy milkshakes…yummmmm.  No one has an easy road here!  Let’s go game by game to see who makes the Elite 8.


In our first match up we get Chick-Fil-A against Zaxby’s.  Zaxby’s is that VCU or Wichita State, they are a smaller chain but they have a small cult like following who will go down for their squad even if it meant leaving their friends and family.  What normally would be a landslide win for Chick-Fil-A will be a tighter matchup but let’s be honest this is a Chick-Fil-A win.


The 4/5 matchup pits morning people against sandwich lovers.  Jimmy John’s is amazing in that you can stay home, place an order, and it will be there in 20 minutes.  A lot of late night drunk conversations have been broken over a Jimmy Johns sub as you discuss who pulled at the club that night in your apartment.  Meanwhile, Dunkin is that sugary goodness that can pull you right out of your hangover and get you back on the saddle for another night.  At the end of the day I am rolling with Jimmy John’s because I don’t have to get in my car.  And let’s be honest if you’re lazy enough to order food so you don’t have to cook then you take delivery where you can get it.


2/7 brings us to Papa John’s and Subway.  This one was a blow out.  Subway is terrible.  No need to waste time here.  Papa John’s wins in a landslide.


3/6 pits Panera and McDonalds.  McDonalds being seeded at 6 seems unfair considering you can’t drive 5 minutes on a busy road without seeing one.  Kind of Like Kentucky ever being labeled an 8 seed.  Like c’mon you’re doing the 1 seed no favors putting the Alabama of basketball as an 8 seed.  I’ll be honest I have never been one for Panera.  I went there a couple of times in college and was never impressed.  I defaulted to the lady on this one and she said Panera over McDonalds.  But then I realized how many times McDonald’s has saved me late nights and overruled her.  McDonalds and their late night fast food option carries them along.


On the other side of the Bracket Chipotle takes on fellow Mexican foe Taco Bell.  I’ve only actively searched for a Taco Bell twice in my life and both were at 3 AM and because the line at McDonalds was too long after Bullwinkles.  I seek Chipotle 6 days a week.  This is easy, Chipotle by 140.


4/5 seeds bring up two opponents I have almost 0 experience with.  Thanks for this Business Insider…But I got to work with what I got.  Arby’s has one good thing and that is curly freaking fries.  When that server asks you “Do you want curly fries or regular sweetie?” I can’t think of one soul out there that doesn’t stop her at the word curly.  Curly fries are the thing that bring you back to a place that serves 4’s for sandwiches.  Domino’s has had a bit of a resurgence lately.  It was in a dark place.  Kind of like Florida State in the mid 2,000’s.  But at the end of the day Pizza is king.  Domino’s at the buzzer.


2/7 In-N-Out is king out west.  You get people who when they check the places to go on vacation it actually weighs in on a decision.  Its powerful.  Burger King is like that 3rd or 4th option of the big boys.  You don’t go there unless McDonalds, Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A are stacked.  In-N-Out moves on comfortably.


3/6 Little Caesars was that freshman year of college savior.  It was cheap and it was pizza.  And as we established earlier pizza is king.  So if you can give it to me AND save me money you’re a special place.  However, when your main slogan is “Hot and Ready” that concerns me a bit.  Where else do you get cold food?  Wendy’s is my bihhhh.  It’s part of the big boys with McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A and Burger King in that you see it more often than other but it’s won me over.  That Spicy Chicken Sandwich has the right amount of spice, chicken goodness and mayo to make my mouth water.  If you want to save some money the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and $1.09 chicken sandwich is a budget dream.  While most people may disagree give me Wendy’s.  Pizza’s run ended here.


So here is how the bracket stands as we move into our elite 8.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 7.59.11 PM



We’re starting to get to the tough decisions.  But someone has to make them and someone has to win so here we go.


1/5 matchup features Chick-Fil-A and Jimmy Johns.  Both are quick in their service, both have consistent food and both are fan favorites.  Jimmy Johns delivers, which definitely had to be factored in.  However, who can say no to Chick-Fil-A?  Chick-Fil-A moves on in a tight one.


2/6 has Papa Johns and McDonalds.  McDonalds is king of roadways.  You can always count on seeing it pop up on those little highway signs that tell you what is on the next exit.  It’s that team you can always count on giving you solid effort in a tournament but never really having enough “oomph” to win it all.  Papa John’s offers a couple things.  One, its pizza and we all know by now that….?  Yes, pizza is king.  Two, they deliver.  Three, when your team wins you get 50% off.  I don’t care that the Magic beat the Kings but I do care that I get 50% off the following day.  While it is tough to say goodbye to McDonalds, Papa John’s take it.


1/5 features God’s finest achievements, Chipotle and Domino’s.  Pizza….is…….king.  But even kings get slaughtered.  And this wasn’t close.  Chipotle moves on.


2/6 brings In-N-Out against Wendy’s.  This is where shit hits the fan.  95% of America cast’s In-N-Out as the winner here but thankfully to me IDGAF about that.  In-N-Out is great; don’t get me wrong.  But the lines always take forever.  One cannot go to an In-N-Out at midnight and get served in less than 30 minutes.  Fair play to them they are super popular and always have long lines but F that.  I like a solid burger but its sloppy, messy, and burgers are kinda meh.  Wendy’s has that juicy lovin Spicy C that gets me going.  Spicy Chicken moves on to face Chipotle in the final four.


The final four is set.  Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle walked in with ease where Wendy’s and Papa John’s has tougher roads but prevailed.  Take a look below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 7.59.48 PM

At this point there really is no loser to be had.  This is America’s finest.  But we must carry on!


This chalk final four matchup features Chick-Fil-A and Papa Johns. Both bring great things to the table as we have mentioned earlier.  I really had to weigh my options here.  Take a long hard look in the mirror and really ask myself who wanted it more.  We have established the pro’s of each but now let’s look at the cons.  Let’s address the elephant in the room, being closed on Sunday’s is inexcusable.  Not to mention their political and religious stances.  Just serve me my damn #1 with a coke and go away.  How many times do you find yourself craving that chicken goodness only to realize it’s that dreaded day of the week, Sunday.  Ugh.  Papa Johns on the other hand only does one thing well and that’s Pizza.  Deserts suck…please stop.  Your soda is grossly overpriced.   It’s also not very consistent.  Sometimes it’s the stuff from the heavens and other times it looks like the guy from Toy Story was driving it to your house as you piece together that mess of a pizza.  But pizza is king so you deal.  Ya dig?  Here was the tie-breaker for me.  Breakfast and checkered fries.  No one does it better than you Chick-Fil-A.  Enjoy that OT win and get ready for the final.


Chipotle and Wendy’s bring two contrasting styles to the table.  Chipotle is that fresh fast food option that you can’t ignore.  Wendy’s has a good mix of value and consistency. Let’s again weigh the cons.  Chipotle has that whole Ecoli scare thing that American’s think too much about.  The lines tend to be a little overbearing but we deal.  Wendy’s are just hard to find when you want them.  Whenever I am driving on the highway and start craving food I never see Wendy’s.  I will pass 254 McDonalds and 149 Burger Kings waiting for that elusive Wendy’s sign to pop up on that blue highway slice of heaven.  For a beast of an operation you could help me out a bit.  Also their drive-thru lines can be brutal.  You either wait 2 minutes or 15.  I need to be able to count on my drive-thru to come through if I am in a pinch with time.  At the end of the day even the Cinderella stories need to come to an end.  Chipotle was a matchup nightmare for Wendy’s.  Chipotle to the final.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 8.00.13 PM


Now we have the final everyone predicted at the start of this.  Chipotle against Chick-Fil-A.  This one has all the makings of a great final.  Stuff of dreams.  I could eat Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle every day of my life and be just fine.  Even combining them together.  Breakfast at the A and lunch and dinner at Chipotle.  We know the pros and cons here so it comes down to the intangibles.  Chipotle has the heart of a champion.  They don’t take days off like Chick-Fil-A does.  They know their weaknesses of long lines and offer a lifeline with their online ordering.  While breakfast was a huge factor in this, there is something sexy, exciting and mouthwatering about the unknown with Chipotle.  You can switch every up.  Secret menu’s, online ordering, unknown food illnesses, Mexican food.  They have everything to make you wonder what you’re going to get.  Chick-Fil-A won’t make mistakes and is always consistent but when you want a champion you need a little more.  Chipotle is that.  Sign me up.  See you there tomorrow afternoon.  Chipotle takes home the peoples real sweet 16 bracket.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 8.01.03 PM





Euro’s and Trumpies, The American Fan’s Pickle.

Well it’s time to dust off the ole cobwebs and see about kicking this blog back into reality.  It really is amazing what happens when you get out of the golf operation side of things.  This “free time” the rest of the world speaks about is not too bad.  Also, it’s nice not looking at weekend with a disdain hatred because of all the fun the rest of your Facebook newsfeed is having.  People coming home from their wild Friday night as you’re waking up to go get your head ripped off by 60-65 year olds that are pissed that they played in 4:27 instead of 4:25 wears down a man.  Anyways…enough about that and let’s chat sports.  Today’s topic is addressing the insecurities of Europe and Trumpies.


Sorry in advance Tucker as we’re going to offend some people…..


A little back-story on how this whole topic came about, I woke up this morning to being tagged in a post from Colin McKellar (Chelsea scum) where a group of 7-10 Atlanta United supporters were doing their best to rally the other 10-15 supporters there.  Truly did look pathetic.  See below….But then I did a little research into the video and saw that this was merely a pre-season game.  Like c’mon man?  Really? Europeans going to come rip American soccer fans, ATL United, for a pathetic looking video making fun of American fans doing what they deem as “not worthy chants” at a preseason game for an expansion team?  How many Crystal Palace fans would travel to Norway for a pre-season game?  I’ll put the O/U on 50.  You would never hear about that though.


So here is the basis of the article, assuming the American readers all are still with me and haven’t given up on a soccer story, which is the pickle that true American soccer/football/futbol fans are in with Euro snobs and Trumpies as I call them.  One cannot just be an American soccer fan and post openly about it without a rash of response from people.  I actually find it funny when a European and, well since y’all Brexit-ed I should address the UK separately, come at me for soccer knowledge.  Like bruh you realize I get access to EVERY.  SINGLE. GAME. On live television.  Every single premier league game, every single champions league game, most relevant La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A and Ligue 1 games.  I will go out on a limb and bet with anyone who doesn’t illegally stream games that the die-hard American fan of the game will watch more games than any fan in the UK.  Enjoy the United/Bournemouth game today because you’re about to get blacked out for all the 10 AM games.  Oh, America you didn’t know?   Yeah, in the UK you don’t get access to all of the games.  Imagine watching the College Gameday crew sit around and watch the college games that you can’t watch and react on live Television.  That is what they watch.    No highlights, no live game, nothing.  Shocking really for a country that lives, eats, breaths, fights, kills for soccer/football.  So why is it that you all can have superiority of American fans?  Not sure actually the more I think about it.  To be honest I am not sure why there is such an insecurity towards us anyway?  It will never be the number 1 sport here so it’s not like we’re going to take over the world with it, unlike our political policies.  At the end of the day the true fans who dedicate time and effort to keep up with the European games/leagues just want to be able to sit at the table and have a conversation about it that we don’t normally get to have with other Americans who DGAF.  Don’t worry we know the elephant in the room is the fact that we call it soccer and you call it football.  Unfortunately, that just won’t change so just deal with it.

Now that I have ripped the Euro’s, it’s your turn America.   What is it with you Trumpies and complaining so damn much about soccer fans?  Like what are YOU so insecure about?  It will never pass NFL, College Football, or the NBA so who cares?  Subtle shots fired at MLB and NHL fans.  Oops.  Anyways, you treat soccer fans like we’re Putin, or I guess Trump likes Putin which means you like Putin, so more like Kim Jung-Un?  Anything progressive in this country is not okay apparently.  Which is not shocking.  I’ll ask you this, what else are you watching from 7-11 AM on a Saturday/Sunday?  Your 12th re-run or SportsCenter?  Some would actually enjoy the idea of cracking open a cold one and watching your squad at 8 AM.  It would make sense if it was keeping you from watching Lakers v Celtics or Alabama v Auburn, but no, instead it’s keeping you from watching some cooking infomercial.  On Tuesdays and Wednesday when Champions League is on and I ask for the bartender to put it on at 2:45 instead of watching the 3rd re-run of first take I could do without the random comment from the end of the bar.  I don’t care that YOU don’t like soccer.  I care that you care that I do like soccer.  If you like Zaxbys more than Chick-Fil-A who cares if I saw you’re wrong? If you like it more than Chick-Fil-A go  then keep eating that Zaxby’s.  Make YOU happy.  As Corinne would say from The Bachelor, “You do you.” If you stop liking Zaxby’s then you’re a sheep.   Little heads up, we’re not going to stop posting, writing, watching, soccer just because you say you don’t like it.  I remember when Women’s Rights and Civil Rights were thought of as annoying, pointless and a waste of time. We’re not here to tell you to watch it like the bible thumpers do.  We’re just here to tell you to piss off when you tell us watching a sport we enjoy is stupid.


I’ll be at the Orlando City home opener this weekend, assuming there isn’t some riot by the american people to stop the game.

Game Blouses.