If You Wear a Men’s Romper I will Choke You

mens rompersOk, I wasn’t going to post today.  And to be fair this has absolutely nothing to do with sports, beer and/or food so I shouldn’t be posting about it.  However, I feel like this needs to be talked about.  If you are a dude wearing a romper and I see you anywhere at all, I will chase you down with the goal of eliminating you from the gene pool.  Seriously.


All fashion has its place in the world.  For instance, the only place in the world to wear Jortsmale jorts (or jean shorts for you not up on the hip lingo) is the swamp for Florida Gators football.  I don’t know why a bunch of Walmart shopping, 3 tooth having, Busch light drinking rednecks believe it’s appropriate to wear a form of clothing that has been out of style since 1985 to watch an offense gain 14 years over the span of 4 hours, but it is.  You’ll fit right in. #TimTebowWearsJorts.  Women you’re allowed to wear jean shorts as long as they have no longer than a 3-inch inseam.  And no mom shorts. PALLEASE. However, a romper for dudes has no place.

snuggieI’m not one to be completely against all stupid fashion trends as well.  I am pro Snuggie.  Yes, I know it’s just a robe turned backward making me take the whole thing off just to take a pee.  However, it keeps my arms warm while I upload inappropriate meme’s onto SBDS’s Facebook page.  This simple invention allows me to stay comfortable so I can entertain the 10s of you that read this nonsense.

Following up this whole romper nonsense.  Can we do away with rompers?  Every year during concert and baseball season I watch girls trade in Daisy Dukes and Sun Dresses for this hideous piece of garment.  And here’s a secret dudes.  They don’t like wearing them in public.  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard a girl not wanting to use a public restroom because they have to get bare-naked to do a very simple act of nature, I’d have a whole 45 cents.  Seriously, humanity, I feel like this is something that we can all get behind! BAN ROMPERS!


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