Keystone Key’s To Victory – DFS NASCAR


SBDS is picking up a ton of celebs since we relaunched and he’s here to slay the DFS NASCAR game.  Now if some of you missed it because you were clowning around at work or making your wife a sandwich because she’s got your balls then you aren’t making money on our DFS PGA article by Tony.  Safe to say he’s already cashing.  Matter of fact, I think I will go take my future winnings to the casino tonight and lay it on double zero and retire.  EASY MONEY.  However I like to #RiseAndGrind so I’m not going to just stop with my millions in DFS Golf.  I am going to take down NASCAR and we wan’t you to join.

Little backstory on our main man Matt Will:

  • He grew up outside of  Beckham Town, Florida.  If that doesn’t stick out as an automatic winner on the resume for “NASCAR Expert” I don’t know what will.
  • This guy has so much useless/fascinating information Jeopardy hired him to create the questions.
  • Try and find the last guy who called him a ginger…little hint, you wont find him because he is #SixFeetDeep
  • He once downed an 18 pack of Keystone before Danica Patrick finished a lap at Daytona.
  • He owns more guns than Russia.
  • ‘Merica
  • You want to know why you don’t hear about Sterling Marlin anymore?  You guessed it…#SixFeetDeep….#RIP#3 #YOUMYBOYDALE

So without further adieu, we bring you your second, or third paycheck if you did our PGA DFS, paycheck of the week.



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