Mock Draft – Six Beers Deep Edition

Look we are all guilty of clicking on the links that McShay or Kiper make to see where they see our beloved teams taking some player that they ultimately won’t take.  Let’s be honest outside of the top 5 picks they normally butcher this.  I wonder who is more accurate, a weather man in Florida in the summer or these jabronies.

Our pal Jason came up with an idea in our Dynasty Fantasy League that we should make the draft a game.  I mean what’s better than throwing $20 on your mock draft hoping its right so you can hold it over your buddies heads for years to come?  So I figured we would share our knowledge to you the followers to get a real insight on what is actually going down tonight.  Let me breakdown the game:

  • Correct team picking on the clock at that spot – 10 points (Cleveland picking at 1.01)
  • Offensive player picked or defensive – 10 points
  • Position of the player – 15 points
  • Exact player picked – 25 points

***Side note don’t do these picks six beers deep or you end up without the potential #1 pick in the draft in your mock.  I am referring to the fact I forgot Mitchell Trubisky in the mock.  Oh well.  Got to give the others a chance.


So without further ado here are the mocks:

Ian Hambino Shefter 


Jason Jaworski 


Mike Werder (Formally of ESPN)


Richmond Collinsworth


Charles Dilfer (Formally of ESPN)



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