Burying Hambino

I am only writing this article because Hambino bitched and moaned about me burying his mock draft post with something entertaining.  And because of that I decided to bury it with another article.  So, suck it.

While we’re at it Hambino continually calls me a glory hunter and how much better my life is as a sports fan is than his.  But let’s face it.  I would rather win championships than be a better team most years.  Who the hell cares if the last five years the Redskins have been better than the Buccaneers.  I can’t remember a Redskins Super Bowl yet he can remember a Bucs.  We’ve agreed on this point many times but for some reason he continually ignores it because the fact doesn’t validate his argument.  Typical Hambino with his alternative facts.  Let’s lay it out on the line here.  He may not be a die-hard just how I am not for some of these teams but here it is on the line.

He’s a Swansea fan, which granted sucks.  Being a Chelsea fan is fantastic compared to that joke of a club.  We’ve already covered the football route so he wins there.  Baseball he’s at least got to see the Rays go to a series while my Orioles can’t seem to make it past the ALDS.  Same argument holds up in Basketball.  The Wizards are finally good enough to run right into Lebron James at the height of his game while he’s seen his Magic get to a final.  Oh, and don’t get me started on my ever-disappointing heartbreak that is the Washington Capitals.

In summation, Hambino stop your bitching about how I am such a glory hunter.  I would rather watch anxiety free a terrible team with no chance punctuated by Championships than this continual mediocrity and heartbreak that is my sporting life.  At least we can both agree on the Noles and USMNT.  


Mock Draft – Six Beers Deep Edition

Look we are all guilty of clicking on the links that McShay or Kiper make to see where they see our beloved teams taking some player that they ultimately won’t take.  Let’s be honest outside of the top 5 picks they normally butcher this.  I wonder who is more accurate, a weather man in Florida in the summer or these jabronies.

Our pal Jason came up with an idea in our Dynasty Fantasy League that we should make the draft a game.  I mean what’s better than throwing $20 on your mock draft hoping its right so you can hold it over your buddies heads for years to come?  So I figured we would share our knowledge to you the followers to get a real insight on what is actually going down tonight.  Let me breakdown the game:

  • Correct team picking on the clock at that spot – 10 points (Cleveland picking at 1.01)
  • Offensive player picked or defensive – 10 points
  • Position of the player – 15 points
  • Exact player picked – 25 points

***Side note don’t do these picks six beers deep or you end up without the potential #1 pick in the draft in your mock.  I am referring to the fact I forgot Mitchell Trubisky in the mock.  Oh well.  Got to give the others a chance.


So without further ado here are the mocks:

Ian Hambino Shefter 


Jason Jaworski 


Mike Werder (Formally of ESPN)


Richmond Collinsworth


Charles Dilfer (Formally of ESPN)


Fried Chicken Sandwiches & Homemade Chips

The Beer:

Cooking is better with alcohol let’s face it.  So, I love cracking open a beer or six while
Goose Island Preseason Lagerworking with sharp objects, fire and hot oil.  This week’s selection comes from the ever expanding Chicago Brewery; Goose Island, with their Pre-Season Lager. Mainly, because it was the only thing at Sheetz that day that I hadn’t drank yet.  Maybe I should get my drinking under control.  Anyway, I was impressed with this beer.  Had that crispness of a lager but beer drinkers will enjoy the incorporation of a smooth hoppy taste at the back end.  I’d give it a 5 out of 6 beer rating this week.

The Game:

Sports are always on and what better to sit and eat a delicious meal than Game 6 between the Washington Capitals and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Meal:

I started by filleting a chicken breast so I had three sandwich size pieces of chicken and then dunking them into a marinade that I left in the fridge for 2 hours.  My marinade was a combination of black and red pepper, garlic salt, salt and chili powder but play with some flavors and find something you like.  Whisk the dry ingredients with water and you got an easy marinade.  I know dude, who wants to take the time to marinade chicken.  I’m telling you its worth the extra 30 seconds of your life.  Plus, if you are one of those people that still need a reason to drink besides I’m thirsty, you can do this.  By the way, if you are one of those people, grow up.  You aren’t hiding your alcoholism from anyone.  Any way while I was waiting on that I started working on the chips.

I don’t have any fancy kitchen equipment.  I took two potatoes and using a paring knife20170423_132232 sliced paper thin portions off the potatoes.  I placed the slices in a cold salt and ice water as I was slicing.  After all the potatoes were sliced I took the bowl to the sink and rinsed the slices till the water was clear.  I then filled the bowl full of cold water and sprinkled salt.  Cover the bowl and leave for an hour.

Remove your chips and chicken from the fridge and place on paper towels.  Pat and dry both paper towels.  Douse the chips one more time with some sea salt.


Here’s the fun part guys.  Fry time.  Fill a pot with 3 or 4 inches of oil and turn the burner to around 7.  I always take a colander and place it on top of a few paper towels to let the oil dry off as I finish frying.  Place the chips in batches into the oil for 4 minutes and then place the slices into the colander to dry.  While waiting on this whisk an egg together with a quarter of whatever beer you’re sipping on and in a separate bowl get some flower.  As the chips drain in the colander take your chicken breasts dip them first into the beer batter mix and then the flour and place in the oil.  Fry for about 15 minutes or until the batter is golden brown and the juices are clear.  Remove and place in the colander for oil to drain off.  Throw the chips in back into oil in batches until golden brown.  Remove and place into the colander and use seasoning salt to taste.  There delicious dinner with minimal effort.  Get on it dudes.