Coronado Brewing Company: A Srat Review

You may be thinking to yourself, why in God’s name would I listen to a sorority girl’s opinion on beer? Her experience is probably limited to beer bonging Bud Light in the parking lot of a D3 school. Well, I cannot argue that my start did include tailgating, red cups, and one too many trips to the porta potty, but I will defend my evolution from foamy kegs to craft brews.

A little background on me. I am about to graduate (fingers crossed) from a small liberal arts school in Virginia with a degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology. My beer background, a bit more important, branches from my time living in Ireland where I got to experience a variety of alcohols. Beers, whiskies, and ciders all got special treatment. I was only twenty when I moved there so I was very excited to be able to indulge because I totally had never drank before, Mom. Promise. I’m currently applying to be an intern for the World of Beer for their Drink it Internship. I’ll keep you guys updated on my prospect. Now to the heart of the article: what am I drinking?

Well I’m glad you asked, random reader. Tonight I am sharing a Coronado Brewing Co. Orange Ave. Wit with my roommate watching Dancing with the Stars. How is it, is probably your follow up question? Len is being a bit touchy but I think Heather is definitely the best dancer. Kidding. The beer is great.

Coronado Brewing Company was founded on Coronado Island in California in 1996. This brewery has recently expanded to a 65,000 barrel industry. The San Diego, Californian vibe is shown in their graphic art. Their logo contains a mermaid that is also illustrated on the bottle holding a big foamy beer. The beer I tried was their Orange Ave. Wit. with an alcohol level of 5.2%, because that matters. Their label reads that this witbier is infused with orange zest, cilantro (what?), and orange blossom honey.

When you first pour it, the citrus hits you hit away. It is a lighter beer so the color has a nice golden tone to it. The scent radiates the flavors, but when you taste it, you are approached by completely different sensations. A bitterness falls onto the front of your palate yet when you let it set, the honey taste takes over. I do not know where this cilantro comes in, but maybe that’s because I just ate like hella tacos. I can definitely say they did really well getting a Belgian style into this American beer.

Overall, it’s a very easy drinking beer that would be perfect for a picnic, a summer game, or whatever you all do when it’s hot outside. Remember, I’m still just a sorority girl.


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