January Transfer Guide: Liverpool

Liverpool-badgeI’m going say something I never thought I would say about a top 4 side.  Liverpool need to get better EVERYWHERE.  The magical ability of Luis Suarez and the goals of Daniel Sturridge have glossed over some of the huge cracks that the Liverpool side possesses.  Their captain is old and injury prone, their midfield is too young, and there isn’t enough depth up top.  While they have played their way into a good run thus far, the Reds definitely need help.  Especially if they hope to take this year and translate it into Champions League success…

Daniel Sturridge has always had injury problems and Luis Mohamed SalahSuarez has always had, well, other problems.  Iago Aspes has not had the success that Liverpool expected from him and Swansea look like they are willing to buy.  Some players just don’t thrive at Anfield and it is definitely time for Liverpool to deal him on before he is no longer an asset.  This does put the front of the Liverpool line in a quandary, since they have promised Suarez he will never walk alone.  While Raheem Stirling has added to the excitement the last few weeks I am sure Brendan Rodgers isn’t banking on his youth.  There is an interesting option coming out of Switzerland, where Egyptian Striker Mohamed Salah has been linked with a move to Merseyside.  He has certainly shown his capability on the real stage with a big goal against Chelsea in Champions League Play.  He is also an attacking player that enjoys being out wide and would be an excellent compliment to Suarez and Sturridge.

Liverpool’s next target is on the opposite end of the country where both Jay Rodriguez and Adam Lallana putAdam Lallana on a show last week.  Lallana would make an instant impact in the middle of Liverpool’s 11 with his ability to connect the play from back to front.  His ability to govern the field could make him the natural successor to Gerrard, if Liverpool is able to acquire him.  Southampton seem to be putting on an iron wall to protect their best asset and Liverpool will have to come up with some major cash to land him.  Jay Rodriguez would be another player that could complement Suarez or Sturridge when they are in lone striking rolls with his ability to play out wide.  He will also be easier to pry away from Pochettino then Lallana come January.

Javier Pastore                Buying players in England can be expensive business, especially when it comes to buying from a team that, like you, is competing for a Champions League spot.  However, there is another attacking option coming from the continent and from a historically cheaper league.  While Paris Saint Germain don’t meet the standard that their French brethren uphold, they are still in the market to sell out of favor midfielder Javier Pastore.  The Argentine won’t be cheap but at least he is not on everyone’s radar like Lallana.

Liverpool’s final purchase needs to shore up their back line.  Brendan Rodgers loves changing from 3 to 4 to 5 backs depending on the situation and luckily there is a player that can help.  The popular name that has been swirling around is Ashley Cole, who is in the last year of his contract with Chelsea.  Cole has also found himself sitting behind Spanish right back Cesar Azipilcueta, who was converted to left back when Cole sustained an injury.  Mourinho may be unwilling to give up a talented player who means so much to his backline, both on and off the pitch.  The more likely solution for Liverpool is Ryan Bertrand, who seems to have fallen off the Earth at Stamford Bride.  The Englishman would join fellow Chelsea outcasts Victor Moses and Daniel Sturridge.  Plus for a Liverpool side that is looking to add a lot, he is a cheaper option.

Luis Suarez                With all these additions someone will have to depart from Anfield to make room.  Earlier in the article, Aspes was mentioned to go to Swansea, which would clear room for the likes of Rodriguez and Salah.  Jose Reina will be sold eventually, possibly to Barcelona, but since he is already out on loan his future may not be a January priority for Rodgers.  Besides that I would be careful about auctioning off some of the squad.  Suarez is the man that can lead you back to glory and without Champions League Football, he will leave.  While his contract does have a 100 Million Pound buyout clause that Real Madrid will certainly try to scrape together the money for, Liverpool must try to keep him at all costs.  So Tom Werner, break out the check book.  Time to go to work.


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