January Transfer Guide: Swansea

Now lets be honest, when its 11:59 on the 31st of December and everyone is getting ready to celebrate the start of the New Year. But people like Tuck Sauce and I are anxiously awaiting the start of the transfer window in the Premier League.  But where it really gets important and where people start to really tune in is when we start talking Swansea City transfer rumors! That’s when everyone starts to get all riled up and excited.  Am I right?!  People at this point are probably asking themselves who the hell is Swansea?  Are they some African team?  Well for all your background on Swansea check out one of our previous articles (Not to mention they’re Hambinos favorite team).   But in all seriousness lets dive into some of the players Michael Laudrup could be planning on bringing in this January.

Unfortunately for Swansea when you’re a lower tier team your buying of players has largely a lot to do with what others do to your team.  For Swansea’s sake it will have a lot to do with what teams will do in terms of potentially buying Michu or Ashley Williams.  Over the summer it was widely speculated that Arsenal were going to make a move for Spanish striker Miguel Perez Cuesta otherwise known as Michu.  Thankfully for the Swans fans Arsenal decided to dump their lump sum on the Real Madrid stand out Mesut Ozil.  With Michu’s recent call up to the Spanish National Team his asking price has gone up significantly, to the point where Michael Laudrup has upped the asking price to the range of 30 million pounds for his superstar.  Obviously if Swansea were to get that bid from a big team like Arsenal or Liverpool (The two clubs he has been linked with) they wouldn’t be able to turn it down.  That being said they would be able to reinvest that into big name players.  Which we will get to shortly.

The next big name player that could be on his way out of the Liberty Stadium is captain Ashley Williams.  Most people remember him because he was the one who according to Alex Ferguson could have “Killed Van Persie” with his kick to the head versus Manchester United last year.  But lets be honest Williams if he wanted to kill Van Persie he could do it any day, anytime.  He’s a tank, and Van Persie is just Fergies little princess.  That being said Mr. Williams is definitely the more likely of the two to be moved during the window.  We have seen on multiple occasions this year the glaring need in some of the top clubs in terms of their central defending.  Clubs like Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool.  Now am I saying that Ashley Williams is at the level to be at City?  No, but he certainly cant be any worse than what Vincent Kompanys replacements have produced.  In all likelihood it’s looking more and more likely that he will go to Arsenal or reunite with his former boss Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool. Up until this afternoon I definitely thought he would be on his way to reunite with his old boss Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool. They have a chance to secure a Champions League spot and to do so they need to sure up their back four.  They have a great keeper in Simon Mignolet who has covered up some of the weaknesses but if they really want to contend Williams may be that guy. But Arsenal just watched their team get scorched for six goals against Manchester City.  And to make matters worse it looks like their center back Laurent Koscielny could be out for a while after suffering a deep laceration to his knee.  So its anyones guess where Williams could be heading but either way the asking price for the Swans captain will be in the neighborhood of 10-12 million pounds.

The last of the players to potentially leave Swansea is young left back Ben Davies.  Not a lot of people will know who Ben is unless you follow this team quite regularly but he’s a great attacking left back.  He makes great runs and always has great overlapping play.  Davies has already proved he can score goals in the league with a goal against Arsenal and West Brom earlier this year.  The team that’s linked with the Welsh back is Everton.  Why this makes sense is Roberto Martinez likes playing the tika-taka style football that Swansea also plays so he’s a good fit for the scheme.  With Manchester United being linked with Leighton Baines it would be a perfect replacement for Everton.  Not saying Davis is of the same quality as Baines but it certainly will make sense for the money and the age that Davies brings to the squad.

Now that we have gone over the potential players Swansea could lose in the transfer window lets talk about some of the players they could be bringing in to strengthen the squad.  It’s evident that Swansea still lacks depth in the squad to compete in Europa and the Premier League, and its showing most in their strikers.  Throughout the season Swansea have almost always been without one of their strikers.  Last week they had to play an entire game without a striker, all be it a 3-0 win over Newcastle.  The Bony Michu partnership has yet to hit full stride and Alvaro Vasquez has been anything but special this year.  So I expect Swansea to look for another striker.  If we’re going to throw out names Blackpools Tom Ince has to be on the top of the list.  Swansea and rival Cardiff were seeking his assets back over the summer and it fell through. But with the current injuries to the squad expect those talks to resume, especially if Cardiff show interest again in the youngster.  It wont be easy with suitors like Tottenham, Ajax and Inter all lining up for him but Swansea can almost guarantee something that none of these teams can.  And that little advantage is constant playing time.  Ince would provide that quick sharp movement that combines well with Wilfried Bony’s power and hold up play.  It would seem if Michu goes, this would be the ideal Swansea partnership going forward.

If Tom Ince falls through there have been rumors that Swansea was going to try and lure Juventus forward Fabio Quagliarella.  People say why would Quagliarella leave a loaded Juventes team to go to mid table side Swansea? Over the summer Fernando Llorente and Carlos Teves arrived to the Gaetano Scirea.  Unfortunately for Quagliarella it has significantly limited his playing time for the Italian side.  So the chance to have regular first team football should definitely tempt the 30-year-old Italian international player.  Remember he may be thinking that a move to Swansea could drastically increase his chances of working his way back into the national team set up with the World Cup looming just around the corner.

Anything can happen in the transfer window, unfortunately for the smaller clubs it isn’t what they can go out and buy, it’s whom they have to try and ward off.  It’s a very trying time for Swansea; they can’t afford to lose Michu or Ashley Williams.  But in the business side of every sport you have to make decisions and every player has a price tag that you can’t turn down.  Come January 31st Swansea will know if they will be fighting for a spot on the top side of the table or if they will be fighting relegation come April and May.


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  1. pls comment more on whats happening in the NFL, whats up with Broncos??

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