Why Should Americans like your Club?

With the purchase of the rights of the Premier League by NBC Sports, Americans have more access to the World’s Game than ever before.  Instead of having to pay ridiculous rates for a niche channel, the American audience is now

My New Favorite Player Frank Lampard

My New Favorite Player Frank Lampard

able to watch England’s top league on basic cable or on their streaming devices.  While NBC still has a long way to go to give us Americans the coverage die hard fans desire (League Replays, More news shows), the regular American viewer is left with a few questions.  First off, who are these teams not named Manchester United or Chelsea on the pitch?  Who should I support and wake up to watch?  Why should I support that club?  That is what I need you, our dedicated Six Beers Deep Viewership, to tell me!  I became a Chelsea fan because when I was first starting to watch soccer my favorite player was Ballack.  How did you become a fan?  Let us know and remember to follow us on twitter (@fsufanatic2) and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/6beersdeepsports )

Wondering what the Premier League Table would look like if it was based on points per dollar spent?

Or what the MLS needs to do to expand or be successful?

Or are you just wondering what the rest of January holds for your club?


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