Every year we have to sit here and hear SEC fans talk about how great their conference is like they are the only thing that matters in the BCS picture.  Their main argument is that the conference has won the last 7 National Championships, despite going 3-3 in their other BCS games.  Let me tell you something, just because Alabama wins a title doesn’t mean Tennessee is any good.  In fact Oregon beat the Volunteers 59-14.  After a trouncing like that how can Georgia claim it as a good win 3 weeks later?  It’s ridiculous.  The title game is not your birth right and I don’t buy conference cannibalization as an excuse.

urban meyer                Let me premise my upcoming argument by saying I am a Florida State alumnus and fan, and hate Ohio State and Urban Meyer.  However you can not overlook that Ohio State hasn’t lost a game in 2 years in an AQ conference.  The BIG 10 has always been massively overrated, but it is still an impressive feat.  This year alone the Buckeyes have averaged 28 points more a game then their opponent despite a so-so defense.  Ohio State deserves to be ranked over Auburn, Alabama and Missouri because up till now they have ran their gauntlet.  Sorry to say SEC fans, no 1 loss AQ Team has ever jumped an undefeated AQ team and it won’t happen this year.

The other team that the SEC claims hasn’t played anybody this year and deserves to bow before the might of their championships is perennial power Florida State.  Let me remind the audience that Jimbo Fischer’s team won their two top 10 matchups with a combined score line of 92-28.  In fact this year the Seminoles’ kicker, Roberto Aguayo, hasNCAA Football: Miami at Florida State outscored Florida States opponents 138-132.  And no Alabama, you can’t have him.  What Florida State did this year is unprecedented and they deserve the number 1 spot.

I’m not saying that your conference isn’t tough SEC, and I’ll even agree it’s the toughest to go undefeated through.  However, that margin is shrinking as the PAC-12 and the BIG-12 have gotten better and better.  In fact, in 2011-2012, Oklahoma State had a harder strength of schedule than Alabama.  Only through some shady voting by coaches (Saban voted Oklahoma State 4th) did Alabama gain a trip to the National Title despite not even playing in their conference championship.  Call me old fashioned but if you don’t win your conference how can you win a title?  The game was completely outrageous and if you’re a LSU fan you should still feel cheated.

Every year I have to sit and hear SEC commentators describe what they think should be the prerequisites for a going to a BCS title.  The funny thing is those change every year to suit the team that is sitting third or fourth in the standings.  This year’s theme is strength of schedule, that somehow it absolves Auburn and Missouri from a loss.  Two years ago it was who has the better loss that mattered most.  Thankfully not all voters, and certainly the computers, don’t see it that way.  If you are an AQ school that goes undefeated and no one else does, you’re in.  Done deal, case closed, stop your wining Tigers.

Last Non-SEC team to win a title

Last Non-SEC team to win a title

If Ohio State or Florida State loses then we’ll open the table for discussion.  A one loss Auburn or Missouri team will deserve to go to a title game by winning their conference.  Luckily for you SEC fans, this is the last year you have to moan about your one loss team potentially being kept out.  Next year we will have a four team playoff that will most certainly contain two of your brethren, but why stop there?  Your conference is so superior let’s just have 4 SEC teams battle it out for a title and the rest of us will piddle around in bowl series obscurity.  Utter Nonsense.


3 thoughts on “SEC GET OVER YOURSELF

  1. Have you ever contemplated suicide? If not you should! Look what happen last time ohio state played Florida! Killed them! SEC is beast!

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