Thanksgiving Edition of SBDS Picks

What a day we have today.  For those of you who aren’t Americans today is Thanksgiving.  And it wouldn’t be an American holiday if there weren’t padded rugby on the television all day!  It’s the only way we can get the lads to stay close enough to the ladies who are normally cooking the turkey in the kitchen.  Its a day where we all sit around the television talk about our fantasy teams, cheer every time our players score, and simply discuss football so that if the ladies ask us to help out with the food we can simply give them the ole “But we’re watching/talking football”. There are plenty of things to be thankful for this on wonderful day.  First off we should all take time to be thankful for our family, friends, coworkers, pets, etc.  But now I get to tell you some of the things I’m thankful for in the sports world.  To get started on the right foot, I’m thankful for being better at everything sports related than Tuck Sauce.  Thankful for the winning streak my Bucs have gone on to ruin any shot of being thankful for the first pick in the draft.  I’m thankful for the Florida State Seminoles football team for allowing me to “Witneis” an truly historic season and potentially a National Championship.  Thankful for Michu and Bony for continuing to keep my Swans out of the relegation zone in the Barclays Premier League (10th place).  I’m also thankful for the existence of the Capital One Cup, so that my Swans could win a cup and book their trip to Europa (Including their game today versus Valencia today) COME ON SWANS!


Now that we got our thanks out of the way we can move onto the juicy Thanksgiving matchups on the schedule today.  We get our Thanksgiving off right by heading up to Motor City to watch an old NFC North rivalry.  The Green Bay Aaron Rodgers-less Packers squad take on the now reeling Detroit Lions.  Who would have thought two years ago that the Bears, Packers, and Vikings would be the ones who were on the hurt quarterback carrousel and not the Lions with Matthew “Charmin Soft” Stafford staying healthy.  Interesting stat today if the Packers start Matt Flynn (Which all indications are that they will)  they would have started more quarterbacks this season than they have in the past 21 years combined.  If the Detroit Lions win they ultimately control their own destiny.  If the Packers pull the upset then its kept their season on life support one more week until they get Aaron Rogers back.

The Pick – Detorit 27 – Packers 23

The next NFL game on the slate is the Dallas Cowboys taking on the Raaaaaiiiiiiders!  The Cowboys are looking to go two games over .500 which in the NFC East is like being six games over and almost locked into the playoffs.  Where as the Oakland Raiders are simply playing for pride.  When was the last time we were this far into the season and the Raiders wern’t simply playing for pride?  But that being said they’re going to throw Penn State rookie QB Matt McGloin out there today, who should have a good day against the worst defense in the NFL.  McGloin has actually looked pretty solid in his two outings for the silver and black.  We’re not saying hes the next Rich Gannon but at least theres a quarterback under center that’s not Jamarcus Russell or Terrell Pryor who couldn’t hit the ocean if it were standing in front of them. Assume another early pick for the Raiders this year in New York at Radio Music City Hall.

The Pick- Dallas 34 – Oakland 21

In whats probably the best game on tap today is the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.  The Pittsburgh Steelers winners of five of their last seven have found something in the ole fountain of youth.  Seven weeks ago we wouldn’t have thought the Steelers would be vying for a wildcard birth? But Ben Roethlisberger has picked his game up and has the no huddle tiring opposing defenses to death at the end of the game.  He and Antonio Brown have connected 80 times this season, the most receptions by any tandem in the NFL, and that has pulled an offense who was otherwise in neutral and put it firmly in drive.  The comeback of Le’veon Bell has helped steady the run game as well.  Meanwhile over in Baltimore the Super Bowl winning Ravens have struggled all season.  Their 100 million dollar McDonald eating quarterback has been anything but a value meal but more of a dollar menu item this season. You never really know what you’re going to get out of the Ravens, which makes it hard to trust them and in this case pick them.  But one thing that is consistent is the Raven defense at home.  Giving up the fewest points in the NFL at home this year in just under 11 points a game, a far cry from the 50 plus points they gave up in their opener versus the Broncos. The winner is ultimately in the Wild Card hunt where the other takes one step closer to a top 15 pick in next years NFL draft.

Pick- Pittsburgh 20 – Baltimore 16

Here are SBDS writers Thanksgiving Pick ‘Ems:


Tuck Sauce


Detroit v Green Bay

Green Bay


Dallas v Oakland



Pittsburgh v Baltimore



Swansea v Valencia



Tottenham v Tromso



We here at 6 Beers Deep Sports hope you all enjoy the games and everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving with their friends and families!


One thought on “Thanksgiving Edition of SBDS Picks

  1. nice post, I agree with your picks. On your thanksgiving theme, I am thankful for having the talented Hambino as my son and looking forward to spoiling him rotten while he is home. I am also thankful for sports especially football, GO NOLES!

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