SBDS Weekend Picks

After a winning week in the previous edition, Hambino has slowly closed the gap in the race for the SBDS Pick Em Championship.  There could be a big swing again in the standings after this week.  Tuck Sauce has decided to pick all favorites this week with the exception of Washington and Arizona State making it tough for Hambino to make up ground.  But word out of his camp is he’s not even nervous he knows he will make up ground.

All that being said there are some great match-ups this weekend.  We get the games started early with our British Premier League games.  So while you’re crowded around the TV trying to figure out what the family should watch while you chomp down on some bacon and waffles lets suggest turning on Everton and Liverpool!  Getting to watch Roberto Martinez captain his Everton side in his first Merseyside derby.  But wait it gets better, right after the Merseyside Derby is a battle of two of the top four teams in Arsenal and Southampton.  The Saints have been the biggest surprise this year in the Premier League and their out to prove they’re no cinderella  but that they are for real!  Two tasty match-ups that should get you going until college football kicks off at 12.

Premier League Games

Tuck Sauce(31-18-1)

Hambino (29-20-1)

Liverpool v Everton

Liverpool 2-1


Arsenal v Southampton

Arsenal 3-2


Chelsea v West Ham

Chelsea 4-1

Chelsea 2-0

Swansea v Fulham

Swansea 2-1

Swansea 3-1

Manchester City v Tottenham


Manchester City 3-1

Manchester United v Cardiff

Manchester United 3-1

Manchester United 2-1

College Football has a couple good top 25 teams going at it that have BCS and Conference Championship implications.  But to get you started early, Johnny Manziel gets to take on the last team to truly shut him down defensively in LSU.  Granted this is a completely different defense than the one Manziel faced last year.  Expect Manziel to have a field day.  Over in the PAC-12 you have teams going at it to represent the South in the PAC-12 Championship game.  If ASU beats UCLA it will be them who will most likely face Oregon.  However if UCLA were to win they would control their own destiny.  They would simply have to beat USC in the finale to book their trip to Eugene.  Our primetime nationally televised game will be #4 Baylor taking on #10 Oklahoma State in Stillwater.  It should be Baylors toughest test to date, going into a truly hostile atmosphere and play a somewhat decent defense for Big-12 standards.  Expect this to be closer than the 10 point spread.

NCAA Football Pick ‘Em

Tuck Sauce


Texas A&M v LSU

Texas A&M

Texas A&M

Wisconsin v Minnesota



Arizona St. v UCLA

Arizona State


Missouri v Ole Miss



Baylor v Oklahoma State


Oklahoma State

After an action packed Saturday expect a bit of a let down in the Sunday NFL games.  The biggest game outside of the Patriots Denver game would have to be the Dallas Cowboys taking on the New York Football Giants.  Who would have thought four weeks ago we would be talking about the Giants as a potential NFC East contender?  Well after four straight wins they find themselves two games out of an otherwise very mediocre division.  A win here would do wonders for them, not to mention beat their hated rivals the Cowboys.  If the Cowboys don’t win this game don’t be surprised if Jason Garrett is out of a job even if Jerry Jones said he’s safe for now.  And then there was the 14th meeting between Peyton and Tom Brady.  Two teams coming off big games, one victorious and one felt they had one stolen from them.  Brady is 9-4 versus Manning in his career, I think we can all say Manning has the better side going into this game and should add a loss to Bradys record.  But its in New England and with temperatures dipping in the low 20’s I expect this to be anyones ball game.  Sit back and enjoy what could arguably be the greatest quarterback rivalry in the past three decades go at it in Foxborough Sunday night.


NFL Pick ‘Em

Tuck Sauce


Dallas v New York (Giants)



San Francisco v Washington


San Francisco

Detroit v Tampa Bay



Denver v New England


New England



5 thoughts on “SBDS Weekend Picks

  1. enjoyed your podcast. great games this weekend. jamie issue looks like FSU may not get a BCS bid. what are your thoughts

    • This is a big topic in my opinion. Its one I have been the most nervous about during this investigation. Most FSU fans think they’re ok because they think they if they win out they will be in Pasadena regardless. I however think quite the opposite. I think the “Human Element” or the voters in the BCS will change the their votes for FSU to either OSU or Baylor . If Jameis gets convicted I personally think that would see them out of a National Title game.

  2. this is a must read.

  3. First Sunday in a while I go in leading our weekend picks!

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