Second Edition of SBD’s Weekend Picks

Its a big week in the state of Florida for college football with Florida State taking on rival Miami and Florida taking on Georgia in “The Worlds Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” in Jacksonville.  Hambinos Premier League squad Swansea is taking on Welsh rival Cardiff City in the Premier League game of the week.  Safe to say both Florida and the great country of Wales will are all divided households this weekend.

After a promising start in the Premier League games had Hambino up three games last week he gave it all away in the college football games.  But this is a big game week for the lads because there are nine games where we both disagree with each other.  Last week Tuck Sauce came out a game ahead but this week wont be the same.  Count on Hambino to take a strong lead following this week.  But tell us what you think!


Premier League Picks

Tuck Sauce (23-12-1)

Hambino (19-16-1)

Newcastle v Chelsea

Chelsea 2-1

Draw 1-1

Fulham v Manchester United

Manchester United 3-1

Manchester United 2-1

Hull v Sunderland

Sunderland 1-0

Hull 1-0

Manchester City v Norwich

Manchester City 3-1

Manchester City 3-0

Stoke v Southampton

Southampton 2-0

Draw 1-1

West Brom v Crystal Palace

West Brom 2-1

West Brom 1-0

West Ham v Aston Villa

Draw 2-2

West Ham 1-0

Arsenal v Liverpool

Liverpool 3-2

Arsenal 2-1

Everton v Tottenham

Draw 2-2

Tottenham 1-0

Cardiff v Swansea

Swansea 2-1

Draw 1-1

College Football

Tuck Sauce


Texas Tech v Oklahoma State

Texas Tech

Oklahoma State

Michigan v Michigan State

Michigan State

Michigan State

Florida v Georgia



Ohio State -30.5 v Purdue

Covers Spread

Covers Spread

Florida State -22 v Miami

Covers Spread

Doesn’t Cover Spread



One thought on “Second Edition of SBD’s Weekend Picks

  1. I think Hambino has the picks! GO NOLES!

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