Why Florida State Is Not Miami’s Biggest Opponent this Year

Most people will read the title and think to themselves, “This guy is a freakin moron. How can he realistically say this isn’t the biggest game for the Hurricanes this year?”  Well because simply it isn’t.  I know it’s the big rivalry game, shoot its being billed as the “Rivalry Reborn” game. All of this is nice in theory but Miami shouldn’t be focused on beating Florida State, rather they should be focused on their next game at home against Virginia Tech.  Right now Miami sits on top of the Coastal Division at 7-0 (3-0) with Virginia Tech right behind them at 6-2 (3-1).  The next closest competition for Miami is a Georgia Tech team that sits at 5-3 (4-2) Miami however already owns the tiebreaker with after beating them 45-30 in Miami back on October 5th.

So yes, what I’m saying is that Miami should give up all hope in beating Florida State which in all likelihood would end any chance of going to the National Championship game in Pasadena. But can we all agree here that Miami isn’t a true threat to the National Championship.  Sorry Canes fans but I’m just being honest and sometimes the truth hurts.  Anyways, the reason they should focus on Virginia Tech is because that game will most likely be the de facto Coastal Division Championship game with the right to see the Atlantic Division Champions in the Charlotte.  Barring some historic collapse or injury to Florida States Heisman contending quarterback Jameis Winston they will be facing the Seminoles on December 7thSo this whole article is starting to all come together! Sure Miami may not want to lose to their dreaded ACC rival but maybe its just the smart decision for Al Goldens squad to make.  What they should really do if they want to make waves and get to a BCS bowl, which is their best realistic destination, would be to use this weeks game in Tallahassee as game film and see if you can get FSU to show you a couple things that they could use against them in Charlotte. That is of course, assuming they take care of business next week and beat Virginia Tech.  If Miami fans can just put their egos aside and look at the big picture they would see this isn’t the biggest game on Miami’s schedule this year. They would know if their team plays its cards right they will have another chance to beat Florida State when it REALLY matters on December 7th with the right to represent the Atlantic Coast Conference in the Orange Bowl.

Do I really think Miami is going to look at Florida State as a non-important game? No.  The chance to hold this years “unofficial” state title for beating Florida, Florida State and South Florida is way to enticing for that distraught fanbase.  Not to mention it has so many recruiting implications in the state of Florida. But in reality the “Rivalry Reborn” is really just a trap game for those boys from Coral Gables.


One thought on “Why Florida State Is Not Miami’s Biggest Opponent this Year

  1. I never thought about it like this. Good point. But Miami fans would still rather beat FSU this week I think.

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