A 6 Pack of Must Watch Games

With all that goes on in sports on a weekly basis, it is hard to keep up with everything going on.  The sheer magnitude of games is enough to overwhelm any body.  Luckily for you the staff of SBDS has broken down a few games from all sports for you to watch this week.  Enjoy a sneak peek and if none of these peak your interest you can always catch up on the new season of Eastbound and Down I guess.


World Series Game 7 (If it happens)

Thursday 8:07 PM EST

 world series               If the 162 game Baseball Season comes to a game 7, it would be must watch TV.  Two historic baseball powerhouses duking it out in Game 7, what could be better?  Well there is hockey, college football and the NFL all on at the same time.  However, if baseball does strike your fancy, this is the game to watch.  Both teams have a decent pitching staff and some clutch hitting.  The series going to Boston doesn’t necessarily mean high scoring like the first two games of the series.  Rain is in the forecast, which means small ball is at a premium.


Red Wings vs Flamespavel datsyuk

Friday 9:00 PM EST

                Sometimes standings can be deceiving.  The Flames are second from the bottom in the Pacific division but despite this they have a winning record.  However I’m excited to see rookie Sean Monahan against a perennial power like the Red Wings. The Flames have also developed a habit for high scoring game and with Pavel Datsyuk on the ice there’s a potential for something fantastic.  Is it a rivalry or a high ranking game? No.  But this one has potential to be great!


Arsenal vs Liverpool

Saturday 1:30 PM EST

                I can’t wait for this game personally.  The brilliance of Suarez is usually magnified in these games, and is only surpassed by his idiocracy.  If we’re lucky it’ll be Dr. Jeckyll and not the toothy Mr. Hyde.  The Arsenal midfield has also been a breeding ground for brilliance.  Mikel Arteta will be banned for the game which should be a concern for the Gunners increasingly growing list of unavailable players.  The London side’s starting 11 still should be a strong one against the Red’s.  However, unlike in the past, Suarez is not walking alone up top in Merseyside.  The brilliance of Sturridge on the season combined with the pure ability of Gerrard (whose coming off his 100th goal at Liverpool) should make this more than just a fair contest.  Expect goals, cards and a touch of the unbelievable.


Georgia vs Florida

Saturday 3:30 PM EST

Murray Between the Hedges

Murray Between the Hedges

Ah it’s a cocktail party in Jacksonville and the whole south is invited!  Georgia leaves the comfort of the hedges and the Gators make their way out of the Swamp to battle it out on Florida’s eastern shore.  Most years this game has National Championship implications; however neither of these teams are ranked.  None-the-less this game has the potential to be a great one.  Aaron Murray has found a way to win football games despite his entire support structure vanishing around him.  However the Florida defense is still incredibly stingy.  It’s strength against strength in the mediocre yet interesting SEC east.


Florida State vs Miami

Saturday 8:00 PM EST

                Expect this Saturday to feel like a twilight zone episode where you journey into the past… yet somehow it’s not the same.  These two teams have different faces everywhere but the game still has the feeling of those National Championship deciding games of the 90s.  Senior Quarterback Stephen Morris has this one last chance on a national stage to prove to the NFL he is still worth a glance.  However his counterpart “Famous” Jameis Winston looks to continue his hot streak.  This ACC matchup is definitely one to watch even if the spread is in the 20s.


Bears vs. Packers

Monday 8:20 PM EST

                Aaron Rodgers will be watching tape and checking it twice against this explosive Bears defense.  The Lions last week, with a win over Dallas makes this game a must win for each team.  The Pack need the victory to stay on top of the division, while the Bears need the W to keep up with the division.  The Chicago team enters the frozen tundra without QB Jay Cutler, which certainly complicates things.  Rodgers is also coming off of an explosive day against the at best poor Vikings.  This game is what Monday Night Football is all about.


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