SBDS’S Playoff System

Playoffs? Talkin’ about playoffs?  Yes it may seem kind of ridiculous to talk about possible playoff systems when we have the BCS this year and a terrible playoff system next year.  However the magic of the internet has provided me a platform on which I can spread my nonsense to those of you who are bored enough to read it.  I do have an obligation to you as the reader though and I promise that my system does make sense.

condi                I love the BCS.  I think the current bowl system we have in place is great for if no other reason it causes conversation and controversy.  But because everybody in America wants college football to be the NFL we will have playoffs next year.  There are too many problems with the system that the NCAA released.  The biggest issue is the lack of transparency that exists since the committee members votes will not be published.  Also some of the committee members are not college football experts.  I trust Condoleezza Rice with a lot of things, but not with my football rankings.  With as much as she does there is no way she has time to watch every important college football games.  She is definitely a brilliant woman and would take the responsibility very seriously, but she’s not an unbiased expert.

There is only one fair way to arrange a college football playoff and it’s with an 8 team system.  This will allow every team to have a fair chance, including BCS busters, and eliminates the transparency issues in the new playoff system.  The first 5 seeds are determined by the five major conference winners (SEC, ACC, BIG 12, BIG 10, PAC 12).  The next three would be at large bids determined by BCS rankings.  If a non-BCS team finished in the top ten of the rankings they would automatically get a bid tohi-res-185381491-jameis-winston-of-the-florida-state-seminoles_crop_north the final 8.  Finally no conference would be allowed to have more than two teams.  This leaves us with 7 games to be played during the playoff system.  The 6 quarterfinal and semifinal games would rotate locations from the 6 biggest bowl games (Sugar, Rose, Fiesta, Orange, Cotton and Chic-Fil-A).  There could be a book written on my great system but I just wanted the basics to get down so we could start with the fun stuff.

Thanks to years of research in the SBDS Labs here are the predictions for the quarterfinal games:

1. Alabama vs.  8. Stanford

2. Florida State vs. 7. Texas A&M

3. Oregon vs. 6 Clemson

4. Ohio State vs. 5. Baylor

                Yes I know Oregon is ranked above the Seminoles in the BCS now, but if the previous voting process holds true, because of wins against quality opponents, Florida State should jump.  It really depends on whether you think Miami and Clemson are better than Stanford and UCLA.  Plus, as an added bonus, this sets up a matchup between the two most exciting quarterbacks in the country.  Now onto the Semifinals:

marcus_mariota               Alabama beats Stanford because of the match ups.  They are two similar teams and Alabama has more quality, faster and is better coached.  Florida State slips by because their defense can stop a nose bleed unlike the Aggies.  Oregon beats up on Clemson because of the Tigers average defense.  Finally Ohio State wins in a shootout 55-51.  Well look at that I got chalk over my hands.  My hypothetical money in the hypothetical match up would be on Alabama smoking Urban Meyer’s Ohio State.  This would be the first time the Buckeyes would’ve been hit in the mouth all year and the Tide would roll to the finals.  The second semi-final game would be the game of the year.  The two Heisman front runners, the most efficient offenses and incredibly fast defenses set up for a huge matchup.  Because I’m a homer I’m going to pick my ‘Noles in a coin flip of a game.

That leaves us with the Tide vs the Seminoles (SBD picks these two teams to meet in the National Championship bcs_standings1_288x324game anyway… who needs playoffs).  The Nick Saban vs. Jimbo Fischer match-up would be the biggest apprentice vs teacher battle since Luke saw Kenobi fall to Vader.  Unlike the battle for Skywalker’s soul, Saban will not lay down to his padawan.  Each team has their own positives and not many negatives so, us here at SBDS, would love to hear who you the viewer think will win!  VOTE BELOW!


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