SBD’s Weekend Picks

As some of you may know we here at Six Beers Deep like to tip those who are a gambler at heart and if you listened two weeks ago you have a second home right now.  Well we’re going to take things to the next level this week.  Tucker and I have started a friendly competition with Champions League soccer and we thought, why not do this for more sports than just the Champions League?  So we are going to start breaking down the best weekend games over a variety of sports to find out whose going to win SBD bragging rights. Trust me when I say this is way more important than any trophy.  This is the stuff of legends.   We have broken down all of this weeks Premier League games and in italics we have picked a couple other notable soccer match ups in the other major domestic leagues.


Tuck Sauce


Champions League Results Midweek



Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Arsenal 3-0

Arsenal 2-0

Aston Villa v Everton

Everton 2-1

Draw 1-1

Liverpool v West Brom

Draw 2-2

Liverpool 2-1

Manchester United v Stoke

Manchester United 2-1

Manchester United 1-0

Norwich v Cardiff

Cardiff 2-1

Draw 2-2

Southampton v Fulham

Fulham 2-1

Southampton 2-0

Sunderland v Newcastle

Newcastle 3-2

Newcastle 2-1

Chelsea v Manchester City

Chelsea 2-1

Chelsea 2-1

Swansea v West Ham

Swansea 2-0

Swansea 1-0

Tottenham v Hull City

Tottenham 2-1

Tottenham 1-0

Inter Milan v Verona

Inter 2-1

Inter 2-1

Barcelona v Real Madrid

Draw 2-2

1-1 Draw

Dortmund v Schalke

Dortmund 3-1

Dortmund 2-0

  For all of our American readers out there we’re also going to go over some of the big college football games this weekend.  We have all agreed the games with Florida State, Alabama, Oregon, and Ohio State will be wins for all four, so we agreed to just say yes or no on if they would cover the spreads given to them by our buddies in Vegas.  The final three games are just your classic pick’em bets.


Tuck Sauce


Florida State -32 v NC State



Alabama -28 v Tennessee



Oregon -23.5 v UCLA



Ohio State -14.5 v Penn State



South Carolina v Missouri

South Carolina


Texas Tech v Oklahoma



Stanford v Oregon State





6 thoughts on “SBD’s Weekend Picks

  1. I voted for Hambino but Tuck had some good picks too. It’s going to be a great weekend of sports. Last night at FSU the Alumni honored Bobby Bowden for his on and off the field contribution. Today more then 300 of his former players will be at the game when he throws his final spear on the field which he spent 34 years playing and mentoring some of the best players in football history. Bobby is a legend and his legacy will always live in the hearts of all NOLES fans and players! What are your thoughts as two students who attended FSU?

  2. Nice job working in one or two upsets into your picks Hambino….

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