Womens Sports are Sexy

USWNT Alex Morgan

USWNT Alex Morgan

Ah Title IX, the mere words make athletic directors cringe.  However, since the implementation of this controversial law one thing is becoming apparent.  Female athletes are getting better and better looking.  It cracks me up to hear some men out there complaining about how athletic women are butchy or too manly.  Muscle tone is sexy!  A woman in great shape should be just as admired as a male in good condition.  In a time where obesity is rampant in the USA it is ridiculous to complain out about these athletic women being too athletic.  The thing us guys should be worried about is how attractive can these girls get!

Not long ago it wasn’t uncommon for athletes to be smokers or to be seen eating pizza after a game.  It was an era of 300 pound linemen who couldn’t be moved because they could barely move themselves.  The increase in financial compensation and anatomical knowledge has kicked many of these old habits to the ground.  As a side effect, athletes across the board have gotten better looking.

There has been a shift in American culture in the last couple years, thanks in large part to the efforts of the US Women’s Soccer team.  Until the popularity boom of our national side, “ladies” were expected to participate only in a few sports many of which we only saw every four years (i.e. Olympics).  The problem with most of these sports is that they’re very expensive, require special equipment and travel.  Athletic competitions such as Ballet and Gymnastics also take a heavy toll on a body and usually leads to very short careers.  On top of all this, the potential financial payout for possessing these skill sets were very, very low.  This usually meant that many of women were turned away from their potential sport at an early age.  Soccer was the perfect sport to overcome all of this.  Combined with its easy acceptability and relative cheapness with the image of soccer not being the toughest sport, the American public was ready to accept a team sport for Daddy’s little girl.

Brandi Chastain Scores Game Winning Penalty

Brandi Chastain Scores Game Winning Penalty

When Brandi Chastain kicked that winning PK and subsequently pulled her shirt off, she brought a US Women’s Team sport

Professional Golfer Natalie Gulbis

Professional Golfer Natalie Gulbis

into the mainstream.  Suddenly women’s soccer was on the front page of ESPN and Sports Illustrated.  This increased the exposure of the sport and made it more lucrative for the average young girl to play.  Since more girls are staying longer with sports, it makes sense that more attractive women are also staying with it.  The nature of sport also means that these women are more prone to being fit and therefor better looking.

The increase of financial backing, popularity and visibility have resulted in female athletes becoming more and more

attractive.  Some people will say this is a sexist viewpoint that only hurts women’s sports but the opposite is true.  The fact that there are gorgeous women like Alex Morgan, Natalie Gulbis and Danica Patrick that love to promote their sport brings newcomers and more money.  These women have shattered the misconception that girls can be pretty or play sports but not both and are quietly disrupting the glass ceiling of athletics.


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