Hate the Player not the Game

The NFL will soon have to add a T somewhere in their abbreviation.  The once hard hitting league that set a itself apart by being a collision sport, has now been watered down to a point it has become a laughing stock of former players.  Whether its the new definition of roughing the passer or the defenseless player rule, the NFL has gone away from what made it great for so long.  In fact if you want to see a hard hitting game you better start watching on Saturdays.  However many of these new rules aren’t the NFL’s fault but rather the players who play it.

nflLets start out by pointing out the previous non-rules in the NFL made the field a warzone.  Player safety should’ve been a concern for these NFL players, especially when by modern standards were getting paid very little money.  However times have changed here in the US.  The NFL is now the largest business in sports, without really a close rival and these players are being compensated tremendously for their efforts.  Look at the NFL as basically combat pay.  The NFL is just as responsible as the government for soldiers in that they should not be held responsible for all injuries of players.  These players by accepting the money that they do in turn accept the risk of participating in a career most of us would love to have.

bradyIn recent years, NFL players have forgot that the compensation packages are so high because of the risk.  These new rules that have developed to pollute a once great sport to one step short of two hand touch, are there because of the players.  The NFLPA is for some reason under the impression that every injury deserves a lawsuit against the NFL.  Although I’m all for not letting a free safety destroy a receiver without playing the ball, the NFL has been forced to accept less popular rules because of fear.  The NFL responds the way they do to avoid lawsuits.  This is why the high paid players, such as QBs and WRs have had rules passed to protect them while lesser paid defense players still suffer cheap shots.

No one wants to see players die on the field, I’m not advocating that.  Guess what though, in a normal corse of a football game QBs do take love taps to the head gear, running backs do use their shoulder pads to protect their knees, and defenders do hand check and jamb WRs just to have a hope of defending them.  The National Touchfootball League is coming soon unless the NFL learns to stand up to these players.  Next time you watch an NFL game or listen to a Suggs rant, remember the league is just reacting to the environment that the players have created.


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