Yes, Bet the Ranch on Jacksonville!

I’m about to say something I thought I would never say, but here it goes, I would bet my hard earned money on the Jaguars plus the 28 points this week against the Broncos. Nothing screams doubling up money than the Jacksonville Jaguars! Who wouldn’t have confidence in Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne going against arguably the best quarterback in the NFL Peyton Manning? Hell the only thing that would have made this more of a lock would have been if the Jaguars signed Josh Freeman. Can you imagine the conversations the three of them would have? Hey Josh you want to see how many completions we can get after snorting 40mg of Ritalin? I would be willing to bet the Jaguars have scored more points than Jerseys sold this year. Their helmets change colors more than the Jags normally score TD’s, but hey they look cool right? Well not really, but that’s a story for another day. But lets be honest doesn’t this man just reek of money!? I think so!

Ok now that Im done with my rant of the Jaguars, I’m actually going to give you my reasons for putting your mullah on the Jags. If you took the 10 largest spreads in NFL history the favorite (in this case the Broncos) have only covered in 2 of those games. So if everything stays true to form you’re looking at a 80% chance of making some cash! Shoot most of you go to the casino and just put money on black and red in roulette and justify this by saying “Well honey I had a 47% chance of winning! I had to take it” Even your baby mama would probably tell you not to bet the ranch on the Jaguars. But Im trying to tell you that your baby mama is WRONG! They’re always wrong anyway, go ahead and tell her that, she will love me by the end of this.

So to ease her and your anxieties about pushing confirm bet on your bet slip lets go over some of the previous top spreads in NFL history;

1. Steelers V Buccaneers 1976 – Line Steelers -27, Final – Steelers 42-0

2. Patriots V Eagles 2007 – Line Patriots -25, Final – Patriots 31-28

3. 49ers V Bengals 1993 – Line 49ers -24, Final – 49ers 21-8

4. 49ers V Falcons 1987 – Line 49ers -23, Final – 49ers 25-17

5. Cowboys V Buccaneers 1977 –Line Cowboys -23 Final – Cowboys 23-7

6. Patriots V Dolphins 2007 – Line Patriots -22.5, Final – Patriots 28-7

7. Patriots V Buccaneers 1977 – Line Patriots -21, Final – Patriots 31-14

8. Patriots V Colts 2011 – Line Patriots -20.5, Final – Patriots 31-24

9. Patriots V Jets 2007 – Line Patriots -20.5, Final – Patriots 20-10

10. Rams V Panthers 2001 – Line Panthers -19, Final – Rams 48-14

So we’ve established we have history on the Jaguars side, so lets try and find some more reasons to make you feel good about your bet. The thing that I think most people are overlooking is the perennial trap game. Next week the Broncos are traveling to Peytons old stomping ground to face the Indianapolis Colts primetime on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. You don’t think maybe Peyton and the boys are looking at some Indy film in between some of the naps they are taking watching the Jaguar film? Ill say yes. Next up is the whole world against us motivator. Anyone remember how that worked out for say Louisville in the sugar bowl last year versus the Gators? Or how about the Giants in the 2007 Super Bowl against the then undefeated Patriots. There’s just something about the game of football and world against us dogs that get an extra edge out of players. Two weeks ago I was hearing about how large this spread was going to be and how embarrassing it must be to be a Jaguar player. Im going to go out on a limb and say if these guys have ANY pride they’re going to give that much more effort this week. How about the fact that Jacksonville got Justin Blackman back last week? Sure are the Jags going to give up 48 points? Yes. But with Blackman and Shorts on the outside and Gabbert FINALLY sitting on the bench I like the chances, that in garbage time, Jacksonville can get to 24 points.

Now I’m not saying the Broncos aren’t going to blow them out, because they will. Lets be honest Vegas odds makers have a job for a reason, to make you worry late in the fourth quarter on a game you wouldn’t ever get caught watching if you didn’t have your $5 coupon on it.

By the end of the weekend we will all be doing the Manziel!

Final Prediction – Broncos 48 Jaguars 24


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