CFB QB Power Rankings (5-1)

                Even though the 10-6 a QBs ( who have the potential to make an immediate impact at an NFL level, these next five players have the potential to be great.  Even though some of the QBs in the previous 5 have tremendous upside these next five players have tremendous athletic ability and seem to fit more in the realm of what the NFL is currently looking for in their play callers.  This is not to say that these QBs are up here just because of their physical ability, but rather their athleticism adds to the danger when they’re able to do on the football field.

5. Tajh Boyd – Clemson110926064731_tajh-boyd

Boyd has really found himself in the last calendar year.  Despite looking useless against South Carolina and vanishing in the second half of the ACC clash with Florida State last year; this Tiger seems to have found his rhythm.  In January, Boyd led his team to victory in the Tiger Bowl.  Consequently, only Clemson’s home can be referred to as Death Valley until the Bayeux Bengals reclaim the right.  Boyd also topped the efforts of Aaron Murray in a season opening SEC-ACC clash.

083113-CFB-AGGIES-JOHNNY-MANZIEL-DC-PI3_20130831155021857_335_2204. Johnny “Football” Manziel – Texas A&M

More like “Moneybags” Manziel.  Johnny Football has dropped out of the top three in the last year simply because of risk.  One of the biggest proponents of this power ranking is the probable success rate at the NFL level, and after the Aaron Hernandez incident no one seems to want a problem child.  A high draft team will however gamble on Manziel for what he can do on the field despite his off field stupidity.  He has improved his ability in the pocket and his escape-ability is second to none this year.

3. “Famous” Jameis Winston – Florida Statewinston13-0413

Winston has looked unbelievable for a dual threat freshman quarter back.  Most of these types of players end up making SportsCenter with some unbelievable play with their feet, juking and making defenders miss and jumping over one to just catch the pylon.  Jameis has done the exact opposite.  He has stood in the pocket and delivered the ball to his playmakers and only used his feet to buy his receivers down field.  The first big challenge, Clemson, still looms but the newest in the long string of great FSU QBs looks well suited to the challenge.  If his defense holds up for him he should be a Heisman finalist.

teddy2. Teddy Bridgewater – Louisville

Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t believe in SEC dominance.  I’m pretty sure he’s never heard of the SEC.  This is at least the impression the 305 native gave off against the Overpowering Florida Gators last year.  By the end of it, it was hard to imagine that Florida was even the favorite going into the Sugar Game.  Plus, the cherry on the sundae, Bridgewater was hurt!  Unfortunately we don’t get to see this extreme talent play against the stronger sides more often because of who Louisville plays.  This lack of competition may hurt his Heisman bid but not his draft stock and is a possible contender to the beast of USC for the first pick of the 2014 Draft.

1.  Marcus Mariota – Oregon

It’s hard to recognize Mariota with the variety of jerseys the Ducks where week in and week out.  They would changemarcus_mariota at the half if it didn’t slow the fastest offense in the country down.  Mariota is not the architect of the system, rather the builder, who makes constant adjustments at the line.  The multitude of talent helps exaggerates his numbers but still sometimes people forget that the Ducks QB beat Johnny “Football” in every major QB category last year.  The only difference is Oregon lost to Stanford and Manziel seemed to almost single handily beat the Tide.  However, this year despite of the loss of the evil genius Chip Kelly, the Ducks looked posed for a National Championship run with realistically only the Cardinal in their way.




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