CFB QB Power Rankings (10-6)

It is amazing to watch NFL Teams fumble through QB after QB making bad decision after bad decision.  The fact that

The biggest draft bust of all Ryan Leaf

The biggest draft bust of all Ryan Leaf

Blaine Gabbert has a job and Colt Brennan doesn’t is mind boggling.  The NFL constantly judges talent on the one prime time

game this kid plays or in the combine and forgets to watch the 13 games a year these talents play.  This is one of the reasons why in recent years the Raiders, Dolphins, Buccaneers, and Jaguars have struggled.  These GMs make windmills into dragons.  JaMarcus Russell, Josh Freeman, and Blaine Gabbert are only the peak of the iceburg.  The Patriots and Ravens in recent years have laid out the idyllic plan which involves building talent up until the right player presents itself.  Luckily for these struggling teams there is a huge class of talent that will soon leave college.

10. Zach Mettenberger – LSU

LSU QB Mettenberger

LSU QB Mettenberger

Mettenberger has struggled through college and has many questions to answer before he can be taken seriously by NFL scouts.  Whether it was getting thrown out of Georgia or having a horrific return year to FBS football for the Bayou Bengals, Zach has a lot of bad on his resume and is still a risk.  However, the Alabama game, despite the loss, seemed to be a wake-up call for the former Bulldog.  He has played quite well at the start of this year and in a pro-style system he would make a great NFL backup and after some developing even a starter.

9. Stephen Morris – Miami

Stephen Morris

Stephen Morris

Morris was a highly recruited QB coming out of High School and there was much expected of him at the U.  However, the turbulent times down in the 305 seem to have taken their toll on Morris.  He has had some great performances throughout the years when his running backs and wide receivers have shown up.  Considering an NFL Quarterbacks job has traditionally been getting the ball into playmakers hands, and with Morris’s escape-ability he could be a good project for an NFL team looking for a future.

8. Keith Price – Washington

Biggest risk of any quarterback out there but his play making ability has brought Washington up to a power in the PAC-12.  They were a controversial play away from beating Stanford and possibly climbing into the top 10 in country.  However, Price has disappeared at big moments and large expectations have left many people disappointed in Washington.  However this year is looking much more positive and Price’s progression could be heading the right direction.

Washinton QB Keith Price

Washinton QB Keith Price

AJ McCarron with his Second National Championship

AJ McCarron with his Second National Championship

7. A.J. McCarron – Alabama

A.j. is the first player in the power rankings that I would trust to lead an NFL team.  He is not an exciting QB and his stats have been padded in a Nick Saban system.  He has however won 2 National Championships, and several of the games Bama won were won on McCarron’s arm.  He understands a pro-style offense and would be a great fit for a team with all the pieces in place and are just looking for the guy to take them to the next level.

Murray Between the Hedges

Murray Between the Hedges


6. Aaron Murray – Georgia

Murray being ranked so low is a sign of how good the guys are above him.  Murray is a phenomenal playmaker and has the experience to make difference at a team in desperate need of a leader.  He has gone through the highs and lows that are needed to hammer out a true competitor.  He is a traditional quarterback but his ability to see the field and many untouchables can shatter the mold of dual threat quarterbacks that the NFL seem set on.


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