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Why Florida State Is Not Miami’s Biggest Opponent this Year

Most people will read the title and think to themselves, “This guy is a freakin moron. How can he realistically say this isn’t the biggest game for the Hurricanes this year?”  Well because simply it isn’t.  I know it’s the big rivalry game, shoot its being billed as the “Rivalry Reborn” game. All of this is nice in theory but Miami shouldn’t be focused on beating Florida State, rather they should be focused on their next game at home against Virginia Tech.  Right now Miami sits on top of the Coastal Division at 7-0 (3-0) with Virginia Tech right behind them at 6-2 (3-1).  The next closest competition for Miami is a Georgia Tech team that sits at 5-3 (4-2) Miami however already owns the tiebreaker with after beating them 45-30 in Miami back on October 5th.

So yes, what I’m saying is that Miami should give up all hope in beating Florida State which in all likelihood would end any chance of going to the National Championship game in Pasadena. But can we all agree here that Miami isn’t a true threat to the National Championship.  Sorry Canes fans but I’m just being honest and sometimes the truth hurts.  Anyways, the reason they should focus on Virginia Tech is because that game will most likely be the de facto Coastal Division Championship game with the right to see the Atlantic Division Champions in the Charlotte.  Barring some historic collapse or injury to Florida States Heisman contending quarterback Jameis Winston they will be facing the Seminoles on December 7thSo this whole article is starting to all come together! Sure Miami may not want to lose to their dreaded ACC rival but maybe its just the smart decision for Al Goldens squad to make.  What they should really do if they want to make waves and get to a BCS bowl, which is their best realistic destination, would be to use this weeks game in Tallahassee as game film and see if you can get FSU to show you a couple things that they could use against them in Charlotte. That is of course, assuming they take care of business next week and beat Virginia Tech.  If Miami fans can just put their egos aside and look at the big picture they would see this isn’t the biggest game on Miami’s schedule this year. They would know if their team plays its cards right they will have another chance to beat Florida State when it REALLY matters on December 7th with the right to represent the Atlantic Coast Conference in the Orange Bowl.

Do I really think Miami is going to look at Florida State as a non-important game? No.  The chance to hold this years “unofficial” state title for beating Florida, Florida State and South Florida is way to enticing for that distraught fanbase.  Not to mention it has so many recruiting implications in the state of Florida. But in reality the “Rivalry Reborn” is really just a trap game for those boys from Coral Gables.

A 6 Pack of Must Watch Games

With all that goes on in sports on a weekly basis, it is hard to keep up with everything going on.  The sheer magnitude of games is enough to overwhelm any body.  Luckily for you the staff of SBDS has broken down a few games from all sports for you to watch this week.  Enjoy a sneak peek and if none of these peak your interest you can always catch up on the new season of Eastbound and Down I guess.


World Series Game 7 (If it happens)

Thursday 8:07 PM EST

 world series               If the 162 game Baseball Season comes to a game 7, it would be must watch TV.  Two historic baseball powerhouses duking it out in Game 7, what could be better?  Well there is hockey, college football and the NFL all on at the same time.  However, if baseball does strike your fancy, this is the game to watch.  Both teams have a decent pitching staff and some clutch hitting.  The series going to Boston doesn’t necessarily mean high scoring like the first two games of the series.  Rain is in the forecast, which means small ball is at a premium.


Red Wings vs Flamespavel datsyuk

Friday 9:00 PM EST

                Sometimes standings can be deceiving.  The Flames are second from the bottom in the Pacific division but despite this they have a winning record.  However I’m excited to see rookie Sean Monahan against a perennial power like the Red Wings. The Flames have also developed a habit for high scoring game and with Pavel Datsyuk on the ice there’s a potential for something fantastic.  Is it a rivalry or a high ranking game? No.  But this one has potential to be great!


Arsenal vs Liverpool

Saturday 1:30 PM EST

                I can’t wait for this game personally.  The brilliance of Suarez is usually magnified in these games, and is only surpassed by his idiocracy.  If we’re lucky it’ll be Dr. Jeckyll and not the toothy Mr. Hyde.  The Arsenal midfield has also been a breeding ground for brilliance.  Mikel Arteta will be banned for the game which should be a concern for the Gunners increasingly growing list of unavailable players.  The London side’s starting 11 still should be a strong one against the Red’s.  However, unlike in the past, Suarez is not walking alone up top in Merseyside.  The brilliance of Sturridge on the season combined with the pure ability of Gerrard (whose coming off his 100th goal at Liverpool) should make this more than just a fair contest.  Expect goals, cards and a touch of the unbelievable.


Georgia vs Florida

Saturday 3:30 PM EST

Murray Between the Hedges

Murray Between the Hedges

Ah it’s a cocktail party in Jacksonville and the whole south is invited!  Georgia leaves the comfort of the hedges and the Gators make their way out of the Swamp to battle it out on Florida’s eastern shore.  Most years this game has National Championship implications; however neither of these teams are ranked.  None-the-less this game has the potential to be a great one.  Aaron Murray has found a way to win football games despite his entire support structure vanishing around him.  However the Florida defense is still incredibly stingy.  It’s strength against strength in the mediocre yet interesting SEC east.


Florida State vs Miami

Saturday 8:00 PM EST

                Expect this Saturday to feel like a twilight zone episode where you journey into the past… yet somehow it’s not the same.  These two teams have different faces everywhere but the game still has the feeling of those National Championship deciding games of the 90s.  Senior Quarterback Stephen Morris has this one last chance on a national stage to prove to the NFL he is still worth a glance.  However his counterpart “Famous” Jameis Winston looks to continue his hot streak.  This ACC matchup is definitely one to watch even if the spread is in the 20s.


Bears vs. Packers

Monday 8:20 PM EST

                Aaron Rodgers will be watching tape and checking it twice against this explosive Bears defense.  The Lions last week, with a win over Dallas makes this game a must win for each team.  The Pack need the victory to stay on top of the division, while the Bears need the W to keep up with the division.  The Chicago team enters the frozen tundra without QB Jay Cutler, which certainly complicates things.  Rodgers is also coming off of an explosive day against the at best poor Vikings.  This game is what Monday Night Football is all about.

SBDS’S Playoff System

Playoffs? Talkin’ about playoffs?  Yes it may seem kind of ridiculous to talk about possible playoff systems when we have the BCS this year and a terrible playoff system next year.  However the magic of the internet has provided me a platform on which I can spread my nonsense to those of you who are bored enough to read it.  I do have an obligation to you as the reader though and I promise that my system does make sense.

condi                I love the BCS.  I think the current bowl system we have in place is great for if no other reason it causes conversation and controversy.  But because everybody in America wants college football to be the NFL we will have playoffs next year.  There are too many problems with the system that the NCAA released.  The biggest issue is the lack of transparency that exists since the committee members votes will not be published.  Also some of the committee members are not college football experts.  I trust Condoleezza Rice with a lot of things, but not with my football rankings.  With as much as she does there is no way she has time to watch every important college football games.  She is definitely a brilliant woman and would take the responsibility very seriously, but she’s not an unbiased expert.

There is only one fair way to arrange a college football playoff and it’s with an 8 team system.  This will allow every team to have a fair chance, including BCS busters, and eliminates the transparency issues in the new playoff system.  The first 5 seeds are determined by the five major conference winners (SEC, ACC, BIG 12, BIG 10, PAC 12).  The next three would be at large bids determined by BCS rankings.  If a non-BCS team finished in the top ten of the rankings they would automatically get a bid tohi-res-185381491-jameis-winston-of-the-florida-state-seminoles_crop_north the final 8.  Finally no conference would be allowed to have more than two teams.  This leaves us with 7 games to be played during the playoff system.  The 6 quarterfinal and semifinal games would rotate locations from the 6 biggest bowl games (Sugar, Rose, Fiesta, Orange, Cotton and Chic-Fil-A).  There could be a book written on my great system but I just wanted the basics to get down so we could start with the fun stuff.

Thanks to years of research in the SBDS Labs here are the predictions for the quarterfinal games:

1. Alabama vs.  8. Stanford

2. Florida State vs. 7. Texas A&M

3. Oregon vs. 6 Clemson

4. Ohio State vs. 5. Baylor

                Yes I know Oregon is ranked above the Seminoles in the BCS now, but if the previous voting process holds true, because of wins against quality opponents, Florida State should jump.  It really depends on whether you think Miami and Clemson are better than Stanford and UCLA.  Plus, as an added bonus, this sets up a matchup between the two most exciting quarterbacks in the country.  Now onto the Semifinals:

marcus_mariota               Alabama beats Stanford because of the match ups.  They are two similar teams and Alabama has more quality, faster and is better coached.  Florida State slips by because their defense can stop a nose bleed unlike the Aggies.  Oregon beats up on Clemson because of the Tigers average defense.  Finally Ohio State wins in a shootout 55-51.  Well look at that I got chalk over my hands.  My hypothetical money in the hypothetical match up would be on Alabama smoking Urban Meyer’s Ohio State.  This would be the first time the Buckeyes would’ve been hit in the mouth all year and the Tide would roll to the finals.  The second semi-final game would be the game of the year.  The two Heisman front runners, the most efficient offenses and incredibly fast defenses set up for a huge matchup.  Because I’m a homer I’m going to pick my ‘Noles in a coin flip of a game.

That leaves us with the Tide vs the Seminoles (SBD picks these two teams to meet in the National Championship bcs_standings1_288x324game anyway… who needs playoffs).  The Nick Saban vs. Jimbo Fischer match-up would be the biggest apprentice vs teacher battle since Luke saw Kenobi fall to Vader.  Unlike the battle for Skywalker’s soul, Saban will not lay down to his padawan.  Each team has their own positives and not many negatives so, us here at SBDS, would love to hear who you the viewer think will win!  VOTE BELOW!

SBD’s Weekend Picks

As some of you may know we here at Six Beers Deep like to tip those who are a gambler at heart and if you listened two weeks ago you have a second home right now.  Well we’re going to take things to the next level this week.  Tucker and I have started a friendly competition with Champions League soccer and we thought, why not do this for more sports than just the Champions League?  So we are going to start breaking down the best weekend games over a variety of sports to find out whose going to win SBD bragging rights. Trust me when I say this is way more important than any trophy.  This is the stuff of legends.   We have broken down all of this weeks Premier League games and in italics we have picked a couple other notable soccer match ups in the other major domestic leagues.


Tuck Sauce


Champions League Results Midweek



Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Arsenal 3-0

Arsenal 2-0

Aston Villa v Everton

Everton 2-1

Draw 1-1

Liverpool v West Brom

Draw 2-2

Liverpool 2-1

Manchester United v Stoke

Manchester United 2-1

Manchester United 1-0

Norwich v Cardiff

Cardiff 2-1

Draw 2-2

Southampton v Fulham

Fulham 2-1

Southampton 2-0

Sunderland v Newcastle

Newcastle 3-2

Newcastle 2-1

Chelsea v Manchester City

Chelsea 2-1

Chelsea 2-1

Swansea v West Ham

Swansea 2-0

Swansea 1-0

Tottenham v Hull City

Tottenham 2-1

Tottenham 1-0

Inter Milan v Verona

Inter 2-1

Inter 2-1

Barcelona v Real Madrid

Draw 2-2

1-1 Draw

Dortmund v Schalke

Dortmund 3-1

Dortmund 2-0

  For all of our American readers out there we’re also going to go over some of the big college football games this weekend.  We have all agreed the games with Florida State, Alabama, Oregon, and Ohio State will be wins for all four, so we agreed to just say yes or no on if they would cover the spreads given to them by our buddies in Vegas.  The final three games are just your classic pick’em bets.


Tuck Sauce


Florida State -32 v NC State



Alabama -28 v Tennessee



Oregon -23.5 v UCLA



Ohio State -14.5 v Penn State



South Carolina v Missouri

South Carolina


Texas Tech v Oklahoma



Stanford v Oregon State




The Two Mile Derby

For years Chelsea fans have chanted the words “there is only one team in Fulham” at their London neighbors.  For the American who knows a little bit about London boroughs they would guess that Chelsea FC is in Chelsea and Fulham FC is in Fulham.  Well you’d be wrong.  Both of these premier league clubs inhabit the London borough of Fulham which makes this derby a particularly contentious one.  The two stadiums are separated by less than two miles, however the distance between the two in the table this year will be much larger.

Chelsea FCchelsea

Manager – Jose Mourinho

Owner – Roman Abramovich

Stadium – Stamford Bridge

Nicknames – The Blues

For years and years Chelsea yo-yo’d up and down between the top of the League One and lower levels of football.  In 1955 Chelsea won their first League title and won a few other major trophies through the years but was not really a significant player in the game.  They are however the only team in Britain with a top hit that was written for them in “Blue is the Colour”.  That is until Russian billion Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003.  In the last 10 years Chelsea has become not just a player in England but a European power.  Since 2003, Chelsea has won 3 league titles, 4 FA cups, a Europa League and a Champions League title.

Stamford Bridge is not without its problems.  Since Abromovich has taken over 10 managers have been responsible for the West London Side’s upkeep.  The Russian seems to also want to bring in talent rather than grow it in house which could come into play when financial fair play comes into effect.  Despite this, Chelsea possesses a core group of players that have been a staple of the club for a while.  Englishmen such as Frank Lampard, John Terry and Ashley Cole, along with Goal Keeper Petr Cech, have provided the only stability to the West London Side.

mourinho               Chelsea’s new manager, Jose Mourinho, is a familiar face in Stamford Blue.  In his previous stint as Chelsea’s manager the Portuguese boss managed six trophies in just three years including 2 Premier League titles.  His exploits at Chelsea, as well as on the continent, have earned this tactical genius the nickname of the “Special One”.  However, Mourinho proposed an amendment to his nickname now wishing to be called the “Happy One”, referring to his delight in returning to Stamford Bridge.

If you look at the Chelsea side there is a reason for Mourinho to be happy.  Not only does he have the familiar faces of Lampard and Terry around him but some new creative ones as well.  Despite a seemingly resolved spat with 2-time Chelsea Player of the Year Juan Mata, the manager seems to have a great relationship with his players.  His willingness to rotate players and tactics seems to have the full attention and support of attacking options such as former Leverkeusan striker Schurrle and Pre-Neymar Brazilian #10 Oscar.  Chelsea also look solid at the back with Ivonovic, Terry, Cahill, and Cole making up the starting four and the depth of Azpilicueta, Luiz, and Betrand adds to the terrifying potential of Chelsea.

There are problems tactically for Mourinho.  Even though Chelsea brought in the former continental extraordinaire lukakuSamuel Eto’o, he has yet to adjust to life in London.  Torres seems to be the manager and owners favorite for this year’s campaign, but his quality seemed to vanish when he switched from Merseyside Red to Chelsea blue.  There is hope down the road.  On loan striker Romelu “Little Drogba” Lukaku has been tearing it up at Everton.  Despite this there are reports of the London side looking to sign Athletico Madrid striker Diego Costa.  However, these aren’t the main tactical issue at Stamford Bridge.  The combination of Ramires and Lampard has looked threatening at the back but are too vulnerable in defending situations.  With Van Ginkle hurt, and mixed results with Luiz and Mikel playing in front of the back 4 means Chelsea need options.  Real Madrid’s Sam Khedira is on the Mourinho’s radar and would certainly firm up the back line.  Juventus have also set a price tag for Defensive Midfielder Paul Pogba if Chelsea wishes to claim him.  Draxler from Schalke has also come up on Roman’s List but the abundance of attacking options means this is unlikely to happen as well.

The side that currently wears Chelsea Blue is full of quality.  Even though they currently sit below Arsenal on the table, previous experience shows that the depth at Stamford Bridge will most likely overwhelm the gunners.  At the end of the season, Chelsea should be in a battle for the League Title and hopefully another European Championship.  Because at the end of the game we all know “BLUE IS THE COLOUR, FOOTBALL IS THE GAME, WE’RE ALL TOGETHER, AND WINNING IS OUR AIM SO COME CHEER US ON IN THE SUN AND RAIN CAUSE CHELSEA, CHELSEA IS OUR NAME”.


Manager: Martin Jol

Owner: Shahid Khan

Stadium: Craven Cottage

Nicknames: The cottagers, The whites

Fulham is the oldest established team based in London.  Located in southwest London Fulham are currently in their 13th consecutive season in the Premier League.  Fulham Football club was founded in 1879 and have had their share of ups and downs. They have yet to win any major cups but that doesn’t mean they haven’t smelled success.  Most recently a Clint Dempsey led Fulham side to the 2010 Europa League Final only to see them lose 2-1 to Athletico Madrid.  Since that final it has been a bit rocky for Fulham; they have been battling relegation the last couple years and this year won’t be any different.  Most recently they were bought by Jacksonville Jaguar Owner Shahid Kahn and the scene around Craven Cottage has been a bit on edge trying to figure out what the new owner was going to change, and if he was going to remove the famous Michael Jackson statue in front of the stadium that the previous owner had put in place. Unfortunately, the great statue of Michael Jackson was removed September 25th and returned to previous owner Mohamed Al Fayed.  Much to the dismay of Fulham fans they won’t be moon walking their way to any Premier League titles anytime soon.

michael jackson               This year’s Fulham side started with a win against a hopeful Sunderland side captained by coach Pablo Di Canio and American Jozy Altidore.  But after that it was all downhill in the Premier League.  Fulham and Martin Jol then went through a five game winless drought in the Premier League. The owner and fans started to voice some concern after losing to newly promoted Cardiff City at Craven Cottage back in late September. The team seemed to respond to the adversity with a one nil win against Stoke at home just before the international break.  This was key in my opinion because had Fulham lost that game it would have been the perfect opportunity to change managers, quite like Sunderland did that same week.  Though the cloud of uncertainty hadn’t completely lifted, a win against Crystal Palace really seemed to ease the anxiety around the Fulham camp.  Although Fulham fell behind early to Crystal Palace, they did come back with some spectacular goals from Pajtim Kasami and Steve Sidwell to lift them to a win, a crucial three points and potentially save Martin Jols job. Even with the win I still don’t think its all peachy for Fulham, they will struggle all year with relegation in my opinion.  I had Fulham being relegated in my final table at the beginning of the year and I still feel pretty confident that will stay true toward the last weeks of the season.  Can we be honest here? With an aging Dimitar Berbatov and Darren Bent as your striking force up top I don’t think many Premier League teams feel too intimidated with this squads attacking prowess.  The Cottagers have some tough tests with some of the leagues top teams in the next three fixtures against Southampton, Manchester United and Liverpool, if they don’t find a way to get some sort of points out of those three games they could find themselves in the relegation zone in a not so distant future.  The Premier League, and Chelsea for that matter, are better if Fulham stays in the top division but they aren’t going to do it for them, the Cottagers are going to have to go out and find a way to pick up crucial points when people don’t expect it if we’re to talk about them again come next August.

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